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By ppa93
I was depositing cash at the Chase ATM.. guess what? after I put my cash in, it said error on the screen and just took my money away. the screen says call this 1 800 .. to make sure my deposit was properly made. it didnt give me any receipt. So I called the 1800 and told them that there was an error with the ATm, and they said they would file a claim for me and get back to me in 2 days.. It has been more than 2 days... I have yet to hear from them.. I didnt see the money posted in my account either.. I kept calling them and they say it is still being processed.. Can anyone tell me what I could do? I need my money back.. I cant let Chase bank rob my money.. I rather give them away to a homeless..
By xxskylerchickxx
the same thing just happened to me. . at 3am.. I remember how much was deposited and how much was spit back out. So hopefully in the morning when they count the money in there it will show how much was over. I know how many 20's, 5's, and 1's there were
By xxskylerchickxx
oh yea..about the reciept part..same thing as well.. didnt get an error reciept. I had to re swipe my card to see if it even counted what it ate and deposited it to my account...nope it didnt.
By mikecdisi
These experiences are why I would never deposit cash or checks at an ATM. I'll make the time to go into a branch and see a real person....that way if they screw up I'll have someone that I can hold accountable.
By rodyfwp
I had 100.00 dollars stolen out of my ATM deposit. The checks made the deposit but no cash. So of course i was overdrawn and hit with the normal over draft fee's. I refused to pay them so now i'm in collections for the 100.00 dollars they stole from me. They want 658.00 to clear up the account.
By nic
Yesterday I deposited $1,265 in cash into a Chase ATM and it spit out a receipt that said "ATM temporarily out of service." I called the number on the receipt and was told that they would credit my account and it should be there in 1 business day (today). This morning, I checked my account and it was not there. I called again, and was told that it processed on their end, and it should be in my account. The customer service rep then informed me that she'd route this to her supervisor, he'd send me an email with an update, and the cash would be in my account within the hour. Well, guess what? An hour and a half later, no email and no money. I called back a third time only to be told something completely different by another rep --since my account was "new," it would take 5 days for them to research my claim and post the credit. By this point I was livid. Not only are they holding my money hostage, but they told me erroneous information and made no attempt to let me know that once they realized that had occured. After getting routed to HIS supervisor, I was told there was absolutely nothing they could do, and that it was "my choice if I wanted to cancel my account" (which I had informed him I'd be doing as soon as I got my damn money back).

After this, I basically ran to the branch where the incident occurred and spoke with a personal banker, who in turn got on the phone and was told the same BS by their customer support center. She then roped-in the branch's VP, who became just as angry (if not more) than me at how this was being handled. Finally, this guy's making things happen -- an ATM vendor is supposed to show up this afternoon and reconcile the machine. Once it shows the overage, my account will be credited.

Great customer service by the branch, but an inexcusable, and frankly, appalling, mismanagement of my claim by their call center. Bottom line -- don't use Chase's ATMs to deposit funds, and if you have an issue, go directly to the branch where it occurred. Even better, cancel your account and take your business to a local credit union or bank that actually treats their customers like people. That's what I'll be doing this afternoon
By ChaseRthief
i deposited $980.00 the Chase ATM, around 2am, and it ate my money. no receipt was given, once i put the cash in, it made some weird noise and just went to the main screen, like nothing happen, so i swiped my card again, check to see if my money was credited... like NOTHING happen :?: :o so i called the 1-800 # i made a claim and they credited the $980.00. that morning. Then 3weeks later, Chase reversed the credit, without me knowing, no letters, no phone call, just straight took it from my account. im mad, cus i got a mortgage i need to pay :( so i called the 1-800# and they gave me BS saying, the research team made an investigation and found no ERROR on the same ATM and no balance ERROR as well. and thats it. i went to that branch the same day, the teller said we can file another claim and theyll credit the money back within 2 hours, and nothing happen. i called the teller she said that she called and itll take 24hrs. i waited the following day and that saturday at 3:40pm, nothing happen. :o i called that chase branch and they said that they are closing, and to call the 1-800 #, i called and same BS. i dont know what to do :cry: now i have to wait till monday for them to open. i have bills to pay... theyre holding my money. im about to go to the police. i have no proof i deposited that cash value :( ... can someone help me?
By ChaseRthief
i went to the police station, they said its one of those, "i deposit money, then the banks says,'we dont have your money.' case, and we dont do any of those cases, because technically, theres no victim." and they said thats between u and the bank. so now, itll be my word against theres BS. thats $980.00 the ATM machine ate, it can jus disapear, someone internally took it.

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