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By Renee Rodgers

If you or someone you know has experienced any of the following issues with regard to your mortgage account; we have several Attorneys who have expressed interest in providing legal representation on a Class-Action Lawsuit basis. However, all perspective litigants are encouraged to immediately contact Chase Sucks Member listed below as it is imperative that you provide a detailed written account of your situation along with supporting documentation as soon as possible.


If you wrote Chase a letter regarding an error on your mortgage account and did not receive a response (Qualified Written Request," or QWR.

As a Licensed California Real Estate Broker, I too have been a victim and affected by Chase’s fraudulent practices while literally helping Hundreds of other Homeowners save their homes Chase was perpetrating an unbelievable, mindboggling scam, in which my home was sold unbeknownst to me before I was actually approved for a loan modification, that’s right I said before entered into a signed loan modification agreement by all parties which included Chase. However, the agreement was not recorded and held for years in their file unrecorded with the County Recorder Office as Chase knew that they had sold my home years prior to entering into the modification agreement and therefore could not record the fraudulent document.

I continued to live in the home and Chase continued to collect payments as though the sale had not occurred although, payments were made during this time they went unapplied to the account and at every turn during the scam Chase found illegal ways to increase the principal balance of my loan by canceling my existing hazarded
by placing forced-placed insurance along with late fees, inspection fees appraisal fees etc. and charges my account. The fees were to deliberately and intentionally increase the nominal principal balance to place my account in an unrecoverable state in the event that I discover the fraudulent scam.

Well, why would this matter if the home was sold? Chase had a method to their fraudulent scheme here’s why.

I began to experience financial difficulty as most Americans’ during the height of the mortgage crisis in 2009. I applied for a modification and as such, I began to experience extreme difficulty in obtaining mortgage assistance from Chase I was approved and then denied after making the trial plan payments, approved again and denied once more. Although, I was accustomed to such practices from lenders and servicer when helping other homeowners save their homes in my case the abusive practices appeared to be extremely excessive and harsh in nature.

In 2012 Chase appeared as though they were going to finally provide the mortgage assistance that I had been diligently seeking since 2009 this was no more than illusion little did I know at the time. Not just yet Chase said first we must go back and file the previous fraudulent loan modification issued in an attempt to cover our tracks.

I was skeptical and hesitant as to why now would Chase be providing a loan modification since the previous approval and trial completed trial payments of 2009 and the approval of 2010 modification it had been a nightmare as I was repeatedly denied nevertheless, I remained positive and thought that perhaps Chase had seen the error of their ways, and realized that I was committed to saving my home.

When in actuality Chase was laying the groundwork to foreclose on the home and it was necessary at all cost to accomplish such even if it required the illusion of an approved loan modification that was only provided in an attempt to rectify the previous fraudulent loan modification agreement.

It was at this time Chase began searching for a Title Insurance Company to assist them with the recording of the illegal document. Chase attempted for a 1 year and ½ to obtain a Title Insurance Company to perform this fraudulent act and at one point became so desperate in this attempt that I was contacted by a Chase Manager requesting that I purchase title insurance to assist in the fraud and held this as leverage in the completion of the loan modification process.

The above process and steps were taken and required in an attempt to perfect the fraudulent foreclosure process. As Chase could not and would not provide meaningful mortgage assistance as my home had been sold years prior to approving both modification agreements. Shortly after obtaining a Title Company and with the recording of both unconscionable loan modification agreements my home was foreclosed.

Wait, there’s so much more to this unbelievable story but I’ll stop here for now!

Chase banks on the fact that most homeowners will give up and eventually walk away let’s stand together there is strength in numbers, and the only way to effect change and or at the very least have these crooks to take notice.


Email address:
Contact: Renee Rodgers
By KAT63016
I was on this site several years ago. I lost my home to Chase Manhattan after my mortgage was bought out from Chemical Mortgage. It has ruined my productive financial years. It stunted everything I wanted to be able to do with my children and the credit rates and abilities I had to purchase homes and vehicles in the future. I even received a check from the company 10 years after I filed bankruptcy to get out from underneath the home for the "lost" payments they never seemed to find when I was living there. I was advised by my lawyer to surrender the house because I couldn't legally afford to continue to fight a monster corp like Chase Manhattan. Yes I want in.

This Company take what it wants and does what it wants with no regard for anyone or anything. My personal opinion is they are evil and full of corrupt politicians and investors.
By ASotelo2107
Hello Renee Rodgers , My Mother would love to join The Lawsuit against Lawless Chase Bank, My Mother Is disabled with Dyslexia and Disgraphia so I Act As Her Advocate.She is Currently Under Threat Of Illegal Eviction By Chase Bank Due To The Fact She Is A Documented Victim Of Equity Theft And Identity Theft ,2 Illegal Loans Were Taken Out On Her Home through WAMU,Now Chase Bank Is The Servicer Of These Loans The Loans Were Obtained through A Forged Quitclaim Deed Connected To a Fraudulent Grant Deed, Police Reports were Filed,We sent A Letter to a Debt Collecter And this Is The second Debt Collection Agency Chase Bank hired to Handle The Default Action. We filed Complaints with The FTC AND CFPB Federal Agencies . They DO NOT ENFORCE THEIR OWN REGULATIONS ! My Mother Is A Documented Victim Of Crime And Yet These Criminal Bankers Are Still Trying To Steal Her Home ! Unbelievable is what it is ,Her Case Is Well Documented and Exsposure is important ,When Banks Commit Crimes Against The Citizens Of This Country They Need To Be Held To Account Like Any other Criminal Syndicate Would Be .
By Krystal
I want to join the class action. After years of arguing with representatives, pleading and giving up hope, they sold my loan to another company. Today I received a 400 dollar refund check from Chase nearly 9 years later!! I am livid.
By Laylah1
They sold my mortgage to Bayview loan services whom claim they weren't a debt collector but are!!!! Chase didn't even inform me of the change beforehand :evil:
Atm ate my deposit.

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