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-> -> ->This is the official link through the government website to file any complaints about Chase Bank or any other financial institution.

Keep in mind that this is Federal Reserve Consumer Help website so they will connect you with or forward your complaint to the appropriate federal regulator for the bank or institution involved in your complaint.

The website says there are a few things they can not help you with including:

  • We are unable to resolve contract disputes or undocumented factual disputes between a customer and a bank. In these cases, we suggest that you contact an attorney.
  • We cannot investigate matters that are the subject of a pending lawsuit.
  • We are unable to resolve complaints about customer service or disagreements over specific bank policies and procedures not addressed by a federal law or regulation.

Everything else is fair game, so FILE THOSE COMPLAINTS FOLKS!!! Again here is the official place to file your complaints against Chase Bank.
We did a modification twice and each time after completing and being approved and our house payment went down for about 3 months then house payment was raised again in each instance. Then had to file bankruptcy and with in 3 months we were dismissed out of bankruptcy tried to do another modification but before we could get modification done we were foreclosed on. We wanted just some help they only dropped interest rate once and never would consider dropping again even though rates were down to 2% they left us at 4.5%. We didn't want to end up homeless and wanted to try to save home and pay for it, but due to the oil industry which my husband works in, goes into a slump alot of people end up losing.
Atm ate my deposit.

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