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By Kachiga
I am a freelance coder. I tried to buy a code from two developers, and paid them the amount they request, which was 1180$. I paid them throughout early May to the middle of June. They said they would have it prepared by October 3rd. I contact them the week before to see if it was close to completion, but neither seller responded. I waited until October 12th before trying to dispute the payments. Chase said they would investigate these claims, but a temporary credit was added to my account. I spoke with them about 6 times in two weeks, adding information that they requested and checking the status on it. I just woke up this morning with 1$ in my bank account because the temporary credit was taken away. This was due to the dispute being over 120 days old from the time of the transaction. I was never told that there was a deadline of 120 days at any point during my contact with Chase bank. I am a 17 year old college student, and I have loans to pay. I needed this money to do that. If I was told they would have it prepared by October 3rd, then I assume it was a scam from the beginning. I assume the sellers knew about the 120 day deadline and wanted to scam me. If this is the case, why wouldn't Chase give me my money back. Or why would they not see the transactions as starting at October 3rd since that was the agreed upon date. This is bullshit. (This is in 2018 by the way)
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