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Until now I have been reasonably happy with Chase compared with other banks. I just got done paying bills on their newly updated website. I can't believe how awful it is! I found the old site format to be logical, easy to use, everything worked fine. I could manage my multiple accounts which I use to manage 42 rental units as well as my personal finances quite easily and efficiently. I find this new format so clunky, confusing, and awkward to use that I literally may change banks over this.

Anyone else agree?

Any chance of getting them to change it back?


Russ Meeker
Atlanta, GA
Dude, I totally understand what you mean. I'm a chase employee (oops...did i just say that) and am very disappointed in the total heap of crap the new site is. I cannot tell you how much "hype" there has been about how "awesome" it will be before it was rolled out. Well, I was just added to the new site and I got multiple java script errors and spinning circles before getting booted out of the site with an error message saying "oops, we're down." When I did get in successfully, I found the overall design to be non-intuitive and cumbersome. Hate it. I feel the customers' pain cuz I am one too. Hiring know-it-all "design experts" without getting feedback from real world typical customers is always a bad move. Just sayin. It likely wont be going back to the old site. Every new application we build is worse than the one it replaced.
New Online Format is horrible (keeping this polite). I have experience spinning balls and freeze ups. The pages are cluttered, confusing, excessively slow to connect, and just crap.
Not sure what genius decided to change an outstanding website with crap, but he/she should be fired and put in front of us end users for a grilling.
I have 3 recorded reports of pretty devastating issues that have prevented me for completing my banking on first attempt or in a timely mater. I am now awaiting a response from corporate from an occurrence that happen yesterday. I can't wait to see who calls me back, if anyone.
I have about 15 accounts on, I used to be able to navigate to what I want to do in seconds, now it takes numerous minutes, and sometimes I just cannot get the site to do what I want or I get locked up with spinning balls. I am going to continue reporting issues and dissatisfaction via phone and in person, but I am wondering if we could start a class action suit for restricted (untimely) access of our accounts. Anyone know?
I AGREE with YOU!!!

The NEW CHASE ONLINE Banking screens and website is **(ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE)**!!!


WE cannot be the ONLY one that are having PROBLEMS with the NEW CHASE Bank ONLINE web site!

Please CHASE BANK, give us back the **(OLD)** Chase Banking Online web site!

THER IS A VERY OLD EXPRESSION " IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT " OMG who was the peon that who started the ball rolling on changing the format for the online banking. what the heck were you thinking and did you EVER consider the thousands of seniors that you have forced change on. It is a terrible format, you can't see you your entire days banking unless you scroll up and down, and whos friggin idea was it to use a gray font considering that all computers use a gray white backround. At the least if your not good at making a new format try color consideration. Bad news all the way, you should think of asking customers first ( NOT JUST A SURVEY GROUP) AND THEN SHOW SOME SAMPLES. BOY DID YOU SCREW UP. I am going to give you some time to fix or go back to the original before I finally throw my hat in and switch banks, not a threat I went to a local bank and saw their format, similar to our old.
p forman southern fl
OMG!!! I thought I was the only one!! It used to be one of the best and after they re-designed it, I am seriously closing all my accounts because I keep getting frustrated with this horrible website. I have sent feedback, I have sent e-mails, and I even called costumer service and told them what I think. Why did they have to mess with it?? I really hope someone does something before I close all my accounts. I don't know if it was cheap work and they were trying to save some money hiring a cheap inexperienced company but it's so bad, it's disrespectful to us giving us a crappy product. When I called, the girl on the phone was trying to do "troubleshooting" asking me to delete the cookies and try another browser. I told her it's not user error, or computer, or browser error. It's the website that is so bad that it's aggravating. If it's bad that they changed it and someone did a sad job, go back and get it re-done, but it's been a long time and they don't seem to care. The app is just as bad, the worst. Please someone do something!! It's crazy annoying!!! :x :roll: :!:
Its not only the format, its the programming, It Sucks!
Spinning wheels, pages that won't load, dropped pages...
I haven't been able to log on to access my account since early MARCH 2017!!!
Before March, it took at least 50 tries to finally get on. And while in the middle of paying bills I get error messages.
Who do you complain to: Chase's crack social media team on Twitter.
Is this a way to run a multi national financial and banking company?
I have spoken to others who program other banks' websites and they agree, Chase Sucks.
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