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By Chaseisabadbank
I had a checking account and they randomly cancelled it. I tried to reopen it and they said I can't have a checking account but they give me a credit card. I went to make a payment on my credit card, and they wouldn't let me deposit cash.

(I renewed my ID a month ago and the DMV takes forever... My ID expired - I'm from Michigan and I am currently in LA. The DMV waited an entire month to send me my license. I have a photo of my new license and the paperwork saying that I renewed it and they would not help me at all. They only wanted me to connect my non chase bank account- Cash is the only thing that has real value and they would not let me pay my payment).

You cannot deposit cash into another person's account at all at Chase... not very friendly if you ask me. For example, If you bank at wells fargo and your daughter banks at chase, you cannot deposit cash into her account.

They want you to connect your bank account to your credit card.... Then they have access to your other bank account. You cannot view someone's bank account without their routing number and account number, that is why they do not want your debit card. Using your debit card protects you bank account.... this is why you don't give out your checking account number when you buy gas at the gas station.

What kind of bank doesn't take cash? I maxed out my chase freedom card when I was younger and I cannot wait to pay it off. I hate Chase and JP Morgan. They make banking hell and they could be so much better. Greedy assholes. I hope someone hacks them...
Atm ate my deposit.

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