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If you are a business customer of Chase because of the government assisted hostile takeover of WaMu, you'll be happy to know that your grandfathered Free Business Checking will be going away in February 2011. Chase will be sending out letters to applicable business customers this month--hoping they get lost in the holiday mail clutter. Basically, they'll all be converted to "Business Select"--which will require you to do one of the following to avoide a monthly service fee: 1) Maintain $7,500 average balance 2) Maintain $5,000 daily balance 3) Maintain a personal Premier Checking account 4) Spend at least $1,000 per month on a Chase business credit card 5) Pay at least $50 per month in associated account fees (i.e. wires, stop payments, etc). So, if you can't do this for each and every business account you have (for those of you with multiple free business checking accounts), you will be paying $15 per month. The folks at Chase will try to tell you that it's due to the lost revenue from the recently passed financial services legislation that hurt their revenue stream from debit card purchases and such, but don't be fooled. Chase is rolling in profits and really doesn't want your business if you can't do one of these 5 things for them. Go find a stable community bank or a credit union if you can. The big banks only understand one thing--LOSING DEPOSIT DOLLARS!!!

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