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By The Sicilian
Anyone get asked to go bid for products at the chase "auction"? The item up for bid right now is a sony bluray player thats worth about 120-145 $$ and the suppossed bid is at 18,500+- points, that equates to $185.00?!!! Way more than the highest retail price of that product?!!! Am I the only one who fkng sees this? There is NO WAY to post comments in that SCAM auction, like you can do in other auctions, so who in their right mind would pay way more than retail price in a GD auction? Isnt an auction all about getting a deal? So they hide behind the BS that they cant control what others are willing to pay for something.....? BULL- SHIZA. These auctions are a scam, no one is bidding that high of a price, but they are hoping that someone will not realize just how much those points are worth and try to out bid the highest bid thinking that that MUST be a great deal,....this is an auction. Can anyone find out how I can report to the members just how much that bid is worth, and exactly how much that item sells for in the retail stores? AND..... The FACT that any member can use those SAME points for a gift card worth way more than that POS item. For instance, they could get a $150 gift card for 15,000 points, and still have 3,500 points left over to put towards another gift card later on when they reach 5,000 point=$50.

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