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If i'm so much as 24 hours late on a payment with these people they seem to think it's ok to bombard my house with endless calls about payment. 20+ was the lower limit, as it seems like they call every 15 minutes! Any advice on getting them to back the !@#$ off?
By Hawaii50
I am soooooo over Chase but, alas, I want my United miles. I had to really fight to get this damn card--told I "didn't have enough of a credit history" or "enough revolving cards." Wrote to the Exec VP for "Customer Service" in Chicago (as well as United--no response) and told the nice young assistant who called me back that I have a 30 year plus credit history and had proudly paid off ALL my debts including student loans in 2006. Of course they didn't go back that far in their investigation...I had to apply again and risk another ding on my credit report but finally got the bloody card.

Alas my latest issue with them concerns the fact that I didn't receive a statement at all in November. Given I'd received a second Mileage Plus card--upgraded to Select apparently across the board to all members--in October and I was told to destroy the one I received in August, I thought perhaps the due date had been moved and waited in vain for a statement. When I finally called them saying I'd not rec'd it, Wesley the snotty Chase handler obviously didn't believe me and told me that the "due date is always the same" (really) and, even if I didn't receive a statement, payment was my responsibility. I told him I always paid the full amount and I was never late. He was unmoved and had the nerve to say "enjoy yourself" to end our call. Happy holidaze to you too a--hole. Customer service is not a value with this company unless they can make money off you. I'm sure they've not only assessed me a late fee, my interest rate has gone exponential. Good thing I pay the balance off every month. Would it kill them to extend a good customer a break? No.
By Hawaii50
So I got my December statement the other day and saw I was charged $24 for lateness on November and they'd put in a $7.99 fraud alert membership charge. Wrote to Corporate contact on the charge and got a cancellation on the fraud membership.

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