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I have just experienced what many are experiencing right now.

I had a WAMU checking account from 2004 and had it closed in 2005. (I had moved to Bank of America in 2005, because BOA is closer to the school I was attending.) I never truly closed my account with WAMU, however it was negative 62.34 cent and after 60 days, WAMU finally closed my account.

I had moved from Bank of America to CHASE in November or 2009.

On Friday, October 15, 2010 I get my direct deposit from my work put into my account. I had my credit card, car insurance, renter insurance, gas bill, and my att u verse bill all set up to be withdrawn from my account on Friday, October 15, 2010. Everything was dandy.

In the afternoon, Saturday the 16 of October I login to my Chase account to check the status of my auto payments and notice my available balance of $24.13 and my present balance of $1,255.45. So I clicked on “Account Activity” and see (2) charges that I didn’t authorized.

Pending Misc. Debit W/D TO ANOTHER ACCT $62.34
Pending Misc. Debit W/D TO ANOTHER ACCT $965.73

Since it was past 3 the local bank was closed. So I called the 1-800 numbers and get transfer to a department and was notified that they are closed to individual accounts and only open to actual Bank tellers. So I am fuming all weekend until this morning.

This morning; Monday, October 18, 2010 I walked into my local Chase bank and they called the same 1-800 and got a hold of a gentlemen named Nathan from the collections department. The teller handed me the phone and Nathan informed me that Chase had made the withdrawals from my account to satisfied and old account that I had in 2005.

I asked to tell me how much I had owed from my last account. He told me that since it is an old account, all the files were in archive. He informed me that my account had been closed and was sent to collections. Since I didn’t respond to the collections, Chase acquired the dept and tack on late fees, NSF fees, and transaction fees to the original amount. He informed this was a onetime withdrawal since they were able to recoup all the money. He would be more than happy to have a statement sent to me and once I receive the statement in 7-10 business I can dispute any transaction on it and file a claim.

He informed me that when I open my account in November 2009 that I signed a consent form stating they can recoup any money from old accounts. I have had this Chase account for almost (1) year, I have had (2) NSF fees apply to this account since it was opened and those fees happen the first month I opened this account. I was not once notified that they were going to be emptying my checking account. They did not once mention it to me when they asked if I wanted to apply for the Ultimate Rewards checking account in May of 2010, did not mention it once when I had to make wire transfer to help relatives. Not warned once.

So presently my credit card, car insurance, renter insurance, gas bill, and my att u verse bill all went through like planned on the 15th. They have all been returned due to insufficient funds, I have been hit with a $34 NSF for all 5 charges. My checking account is now negative $333.35.

I will keep you all updated on how my “disputed charges” go when I get my statement in 7-10 business days. I am going to also file disputes for all the NSF fees they charge me for this mishap. Lesson learns. Pay any outstanding debt.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Does anyone know if a bank can just do this? Is it legal?
By dutchhotties
Same thing happened to my wife and I. Can you imagine if you were traveling overseas and Chase pulls this
crap? The Chase exuecutives who devise these traps should be paraded naked in front of a firing squad. They are the scum of the universe. Do you think for one second your cold hard cash is really safe in a national bank?
Think again. These MFs are robbing, raping and pillaging our Deposit Accounts, Credit Card Accounts, Loan Terms, Mortgage Rates, not to mention the Assembly Line Forcloure Processing and the fact that the Feds bailed their asses out and now they are hoarding all that bailout money! No doubt a revolution is on the horizion. The middle class is tired of being shafted. Corporate America better wake up and smell the anger.
By iron
They nailed me the same way.
Maybe worse?
My old Wa-Mu account cashed a check that I put a stop hold on. Despite: Online, Calling and going into the local branch to stop the check.
They cashed it anyways.
And just said I owe them $30. (I though that was a bounced check?)
They stole $400 and credited $30 to make interest. (Landlord: stole first, last and deposit+ he’s a lawyer from Seattle)
Soo… I closed it and told them to fuckoff!

Yesterday, I looked at my CHASE account: It says funds transfer $430!??
I was like Transfer??? WTF!

When I opened with CHASE I was told: only government could take from an account…
I heard the Wa-Mu/Chase merge is a loophole to change our contract??

Soo,,, “I’m going to merge companies with my partner and change my agreement with the bank”… My new agreement says: 10% on every dollar I put in… why not? We signed an old agreement. I’ll just transfer the banker signature to this new agreement and it’s all legal… :P

I HATE! “JEWISH” GANGSTERS !!! heheh :P (just poke’n fun) I’m not racist.

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