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By Ravenna68
Hello all, thank you for this site. I post my story to hopefully prevent my situation from happening to anyone else. I was a victim of fraud a company sold my checking information to a mailing list. I was then fraudulantly charged by check (according to chase) from some odd subscription service for 49.99, not once but TWO different companies. I had been with chase for at least 5 years at this point, and in all that time had maybe written 10 checks that entire time. Suppossedly ( and we all know how this one goes). Chase is suppossed to help protect your account by having odd occurances in your account flag and then call you. Hahahahaha :lol: They never did and I dicovered these when I was charged NSF fees for my legitimate $10.00 gasloine and $22.34 grocery check card usage. On my account it says check for those fees right? I hadn't written a check in over a year and a half!!

So I call chase asking what is going on, they say that I wrote a check to these companies. One of which was still pending. I explain I dont write checks and did not authorize this! They indicated then that they were ACH charges and not checks and that was how those showed up on my account. I have ACH charges every month and they all have been on my acct as ACH. Then rude customer service guy says that I must have applied for a payday loan ( which I did) and they sold my information. (Obviously I didnt take the loan and I have been working on resolving this issue with them.) But our friendly :twisted: bank decided that I needed to be a victim again, and told me rather rudely that because someone else sold my information I was at fault and there was nothing I could do but work with those companies with my information they fraudulantly obtained to resolve it. When I perservered and insisted that they refuse those charges as I DID NOT authorize them, and that I wanted the NSF fees refunded as they were fraud, he referred me to their research dept and dropped the call. I called the research dept direct and had a very helpfull cust serv person there who agreed to help and really tried, she saved me from leaving chase then,however I never got to speak to her again. She agreed to try to get fees refunded, but her boss wouldnt approve it due to an error last month they had to correct. I knew I had two more charges that one was pending and one was not even registered yet, and informed them of these. I was told to wait for these to complete and then I could freeze this account and then get a "Claim Exception" from a branch fill it out and then fax it in to them so I could start my new account. This was a Thursday so I had to wait the weekend. I went to three diffreent branches to find this form everyone looked at me stupidly and no one could find, nor knew anything about such a form. The helpful CSR was suppossed to be refunding the two 49.99 charges "as a courtesy" and they would come in 3 to 5 business days. I call back in five business days asking where the credits were as my account now had everything cleared but I now had over $100.00 in NSF charges. Now they charged my $35.00 for every transaction that was legitimate even though I informed them of the fraud and they were refunding me the amount and they had told me at that point there would be no more NSF fees added to the account as I had informed them. I asked the Credit research dept whatelse can I do no one knows what form you guys are talking about and I cant start my new acct without the negative balance being taken care of on this account. They indicated that one charge had been approved but not entered yet, and if I put a hold on the account then only the deposits could go through but no other fees would be applied. THEY LIED (I know, I know BIG surprise, NOT)! So now the other two NSF fees hit after I froze the account, when I called about this no one seemed to know any information about this, and I was told that I still was responsible for these fees, even though I had already worked their steps to fix this. Currently I have an account with Chase racking up fees, because I couldnt pay off their amount at the time and they still havent credited the amounts they were suppossed to, and every tweleve days that their is a negative balance they are charging an additional $12.95 for an "extended overdraft fee", this is criminal. I wish I could afford an attorney to set up a class action suit about their fraudulant policies, and their unwillingness to protect their consumers, as they have always touted is their policy.

Dont ever thisnk Chase or any large corporation will do what they say, I think in future I will drag out my recorder and record all conversations I have with reps from my new bank just in case.

Disgruntled in Texas. :evil:

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