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By nomorewaste09
It seems that my safety deposit box is lost. I have both keys to my safety box, yet Chase is claiming it is closed. I have asked them several times to provide me with documentation that proves my signature. They have not been able to produce any such document. Just now I had a call from a chase attorney telling me that she would call me on Friday with answers.

How can this happen? My deceased mother's jewelry, the jewelry that my father gave me, the legal property documents for my mother's house, and many other valuable gold and diamond pieces are all gone.
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By admin
If you fail to pay the rental fee on a safe deposit boxes after a set amount of time the bank will simply consider the box abandoned and empty it's contents. Each bank has different policies concerning the disposition of those contents. Find out what they do with abandoned property and you can normally recover the contents.
Thanks for the input. It was set up as direct debit from account. So non-payment is not the reason. There has been progress in three days since I posted this. I was contacted by Lucia Santos attorney for Chase. I will seek legal counsel as well. The contents were all my two brothers and I had left from my deceased mother and father.
By novocane
There is also state laws that deal with safety deposit boxes, and disposal of their contents. So what should happen in cases like these is fairly well defined. Be very careful when you talk to the Chase attorney. The fact that you are getting an attorney, and not the usual gophers means that Chase knows they F'd up. What you tell would probably be used as the basis for a settlement. If the value of the lost items is significant, you should definitely consult an attorney familiar with the local laws.

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