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By Pyrexgirler
My mom purchased 2 cars on ebay this weekend. Yes its risky, we did it before. I went in to my chase to deposit money because the business that has the cars has chase. We were going to do a simple transfer. The lady inside said she wouldnt do it because it sounded like fraud. So I told my mom we will just deposit the money through the atm and transfer it over.... simple enough right? Haha... I put $2000 cash in the atm. It said finalizing deposit and spit out a reciept saying to call to verify my deposit... what?!?! So I checked my account there at the atm. Nope, wasnt deposited. Pulled out of the atm to check my account on my phone.. nope wasnt there... I call the number. There is zero record of $2000 cash going into the atm?!?! Are you seious?!? Its not even my money!!! They tell me to wait 12 hours... well we are going on 24 and they keep telling my husband that we have to wait even longer. We are supposed to fly out on Saturday to pick up these cars, but need them titles to us to get tags to drive them home and info to add to our insurance. How hard is it to send someone to the atm to see if there is an additional $2000 in there??!?? As soon as this is settled I am changing banks.
Atm ate my deposit.

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