Chase Bank Found Guilty of Secretly Financing Terrorist Organizations

Chase Bank finances terror groupsChase Bank is now responsible for a lot worse than poor customer service and unethical business practices that cost their customers millions of dollars each year. Now they’ve really crossed the line.

Now we can add the financing of terrorist organizations to that list. People, businesses, organizations and nations who make it their business to murder United States citizens have had a lot of help from Chase Bank, despite sanctions imposed by the US Government making it illegal.

The United States Treasury Department agreed to settle with Chase Bank for $88 million for their willful violations of US sanctions against countries that are state sponsors of terrorism. Unfortunately, $88 million is nothing to Chase Bank – the fine wouldn’t even qualify as a slap on the wrist for JPMorgan Chase.

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has been investigating a number of willful violations committed by Chase Bank going back to 2005. The list of laws violated by Chase Bank include:

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators Sanctions Regulations
  • Global Terrorism Sanctions Regulations
  • Iranian Transactions Regulations
  • Cuban Assets Control Regulations
  • Sudanese Sanctions Regulations
  • Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor Sanctions Regulations

Reread that list and let that sink in.

Chase Bank admitted to helping facilitate transactions that violated US laws regarding terrorism and weapons of mass destruction proliferation. Worse – the US Treasury found that Chase Bank was willfully violating these rules for years and even after they were notified by 3rd parties of their violations they continued to help these terrorist organizations.

The question that needs to be asked, but our US media is conveniently avoiding is – How many Americans lost their lives due to the greed of Chase Bank? How many citizens of other countries died to make Jamie Dimon and the shareholders of Chase Bank wealthier?

Click here to read the entire settlement agreement between the US Treasury Department and JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Chase knowingly made a series of transactions with Cuba, Iran and Sudan which equaled roughly $181.4 million in violations:

  • In 2005 and 2006, JPMorgan Chase willfully violated embargo laws by processing $178.5 million in wire transfers for Cuban nationals. A 3rd party financial institution notified Chase Bank of the violations but Chase didn’t stop and failed to notify Treasury Department officials of their crimes.
  • In 2009 Chase Bank processed a $2.9 million loan with, “a bank that had ties to Iran’s government-owned shipping line,” a violation of trade sanctions against The Islamic Republic of Iran. JPMorgan Chase was aware of this crime, but again failed to inform regulators as required by law. In fact – they waited until the loan was almost completely repaid before notifying Treasury officials. These ships have been known to carry weapons of mass destruction and other weapons for terrorists in the past. These weapons have led to the deaths of many Americans and others which is the reason these sanctions were put in place.
  • In 2011, the United States Treasury Department asked for documents regarding a wire transfer that referred to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. High ranking officials at JPMorgan Chase pretended to be unaware of what the Treasury Department was investigating, until The Treasury presented JPMorgan with a list of documents they believed were in the bank’s possession. After denying it the first time, the bank coughed up the documents shortly after. Sudan was the home base for Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda for years and continues to export terrorism around the world with the financial help of JPMorgan Chase and others.

Officials from the US Treasury Department were asked to comment and said the following:

“OFAC determined that JPMC (JPMorgan) is a very large, commercially sophisticated financial institution, and that JPMC managers and supervisors acted with knowledge of the conduct constituting the apparent violations and recklessly failed to exercise a minimal degree of caution or care with respect to JPMC’s US sanctions obligations.”

US Treasury Department officials also said that a considerable portion of the transfers happened after JPMorgan Chase had been notified of the potential sanctions violation.They continued to help finance these terrorist organizations so that they could reap the profits and increase their share price.

Perhaps the hardest part to accept is that this is a textbook example of a violation that would land the average person or businessman in prison, and yet Chase Bank received a relatively tiny fine that they’ll simply write off as a cost of doing business. The fine is less than they actually made on the deals they were busted for and we don’t even know how many of these deals they got away with.

After getting caught stealing money from our military men and women and forcing some of them out of their homes illegally, now we find out that Chase Bank has been helping finance known terrorist organizations. This information has been woefully under-reported by our mainstream media here in the United States, so I’m asking everybody to send this link to everyone you know, Tweet it, put it on Facebook and do whatever else you can do to get the word out about what this bank is doing to this country and its citizens.


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