Chase Bank Admits to Stealing From US Military Families

Chase Bank Military Class Action Lawsuit

This is how they repay our Military

You read that right. I wish the headline was an exaggeration. Unfortunately, the reality is far worse than what can be conveyed in one simply headline.

Chase Bank had been systematically overcharging US Military families on their mortgage payments for quite some time.

As if stealing from the men and women that put their lives on the line every day for every one of us isn’t bad enough, they took it one step further. They illegally foreclosed on the homes of military personnel – kicking them out of their homes.

Let that sink in for a minute. They had to be sued by members of our US Military before Chase Bank agreed to give back some of what they stole. In total, Chase agreed to pay a little over $60 million dollars to settle the lawsuit.

Here are some of the things that Chase Bank has already admitted to:

  • Violating the Federal Service Members Civil Relief Act. That law was enacted in 1942 to shield deployed military personnel from financial stress.
  • Overcharging roughly 6,000 active-duty military personnel on their mortgages.
  • Foreclosing on military personnel illegally and forcing them out on to the streets.
  • Chase has already had to return some of the homes they took illegally.
  • Chase has had to agree to pay back millions of dollars that they stole from US Military families.

If you want to read more about the settlement, you can do a search for: Rowles v. Chase Home Finance LLC, 10-1756-MBS, U.S. District Court, District of South Carolina (Beaufort Division)

You can read a copy of the Class Action lawsuit that had to be brought against Chase Bank to force them to give back what they stole from our brave men and women. If this upsets you as much as it upsets me – link to this article, send it to friends and families, share it on Facebook etc. to let whoever will listen know what a despicable bank this is. Feel free to comment below


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