Bad Chase Experience submitted by “Loadbearing”

This was an interesting experience submitted by someone going under the pseudonym “Loadbearing”. Very indicative of the horrible customer service at Chase Bank:

WOW! I thought I was all alone in the universe… Here’s a letter I sent to some obscure customer service cubbyhole in East Asia..


My associate recently requested overdraft protection for our business, to address slow receipt of payables from our clients. She was encouraged by a branch associate ( who was very nice and very professional) to apply for a corporate credit card to cover overdrafts on our corporate checking account.

Yesterday, I was surprised to receive a letter from Chase Bank stating that not only did we not qualify, but that this request would negatively affect our credit score.

I called the 800 number listed on the letter to inquire, and was routed to a Chase Bank representative. He could not help me, he stated, because I did not have a credit card account number. I informed this representative that I was calling to inquire about the letter, He then asked me for my account number. This went on for about 5 minutes, and I finally asked to be transferred to a corporate banking representative. This person could not route my call, refer me to another department, provide another number to call, or put his supervisor on the phone. I asked him if I was calling JP Morgan Chase, the bank, and he verified that this was indeed JP Morgan Chase, the bank.

I called corporate banking customer service, stated my complete disappointment, and questioned why we were rejected. The representative (who was very nice and very professional) informed me that this was a standard credit review process. Why did the Branch representative not check this information in the branch? Wouldn’t a simple pre-screening be at least a basic determination that we might be rejected and receive a negative credit score? The rep had stated that this could have been done.

I then questioned if the 14 years my company has been banking with Chase had any bearing in the decision making process. I also asked if our personal accounts mortgages, H.E. lines, savings and other chase products over the last 20 years had any bearing in not only the result, but the consideration of our relationship in the form letter we received? We ended the conversation (with the representative, who was very nice and very professional) saying she would make a note of our conversation. I thanked her and told her I would be completely floored to receive any follow up communication, let alone an apology or attempt to reconcile our complete disappointment.

While the story above is simply wrong, and shows a complete lack of professionalism or even basic appreciation for 20 years of combined business, it has a comical ending: Today I received a solicitation for a corporate credit card from Chase.

We have decided to respond to the bank’s complete disrespect to our business by removing all of our assets currently at Chase Bank. Corporate Checking, Personal Savings, Personal Checking, Credit Cards, etc.

I still don’t expect any reply to this e-mail beyond a generic, risk-management-approved response. However as a marketing director for a financial institution, I can tell you that your efforts at Customer Relations Management, marketing targeted offers to customers, and general unresponsive and unappreciative approach to customer needs is appalling. Really it is absolutely bizarre.

Thanks again for the complete waste of my time, damage to my credit score, and lack of accountability.

Sincerely Yours,


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