From the Perspective of a Chase Employee – by Jayemmtool

“Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday”

When a team in the NFL loses, despite how poorly the athletes may have played, in the end…the coach is the one who lost the game. In the world of contracting, construction and unions, the General Foreman, at the end of the day, is responsible for every decision (right or wrong) his or her subordinates make. This seems to be the norm in every aspect of civilization, as we know it…

Except of course, retail banking.

Something struck me as very “odd” in routine meeting on a Tuesday morning at the Chase branch I have worked at for just about two years.

We had a terrible day, as sales go, the day prior. That was not the “odd” factor. Every single industry is having more and more terrible days. It is the only true consistency in this market.

The part of this meeting that truly struck a chord was the management teams inability to accept blame for these results. Instead, they took the option of belittling the entire staff (save a lucky one or two individuals). Now, before this took place, I didn’t blame any one person or any group of people, for that matter. I sincerely accepted that these times are tough and we are going to have to ride the wave until we hit dry land.

After feeling as though I had been attacked, I began to reassess the situation:

The first of two sales managers has little to no ambition. He truly has no attributes that a person responsible for driving an entire team to success, should have. He began to condescendingly rip into an entire team for failure to meet a goal that he should be helping us to attain.

The second sales manager barely speaks a language that the rest of the team speaks. She routinely destroys idiomatic expressions, which make her role in the system more laughable than respectable. Her sole responsibility is maintenance of the calendar. Did I mention she was out for the entire week prior and has no real bearing or knowledge of the situation?

The operations manager, who has no real place in a sales meeting proceeds to speak her piece. She angrily bashes the team and expresses her disappointment. Meanwhile, the tellers and service associates, who are directly under her umbrella in the chain of command, are never coached or disciplined in ways to properly “refer business” to us, the sales team. Are you seeing a trend here?

The three managers continue to berate employees individually throughout the day, bringing up incidents from that past that were never brought up before, simply to depress their anger from the issue at hand… the bonus!

All in all, in a time when no one is getting any extra compensation for what they do, a team of management at JPMorgan Chase Bank is taking it out on their team. When asked why, their response is simple… “It comes from above”.

I have one thing to express towards Chase Bank and their style of management:

“Thank you! Thank you for making me realize that if growing in a company such as this one means incessantly passing the buck and belittling those around (and specifically under) me, I DO NOT WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!”

Take responsibility for your own actions. We, as employees are responsible for our actions. You, as coaches and mentors, should accept your failures. Making people hate their jobs is not an effective means to the end. You will end up with poor production more often than not.

If you are reading this, I look forward to your apology. So does the rest of the team.

I hope this helps the people who think the bankers are the evil ones. We are slaves to a system. You take 100 bankers and place them in a room for an hour… after 5 minutes of introductions, there would be 55 minutes of Chase Bank bashing. It is not us. It is the greedy, manipulative management. I apologize on their behalf.


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