Why Chase Bank Sucks….

Let me count the ways! Actually, this site has been put together to publicly document all of the bad experiences so many people have had dealing with Chase Bank. The common theme seems to be customer service. Nobody seems to care that they only pay a half a percent on your money while they loan it to others at 12% – after all, that’s what banks do. But the problem is they won’t even play nice while they’re ripping people off. They just don’t care about the customer.

The site has been modeled after paypalsucks.com which has done so much to make people aware of the prevailing problems with paypal, and has helped lead to the creation of such competitors as moneybookers.com, as well as many changes within paypal itself. Although it takes years to take away marketshare from these behemoths, sometimes if enough people make their concerns known, they can get some relief, and bring about actual change.

So why me? Why have I bothered to set this site up? Well, I feel that someone needs to speak up and take action for the rest of the people that can’t be bothered. The people who don’t have the means to do anything other than lie down and take it. With me, they pissed off the wrong customer one too many times, and now I am going to give back some of what I took for years.

About 6 months ago, my wife and I had 4 Chase credit cards (personal and business), 5 bank accounts (personal and business), and an outstanding personal loan of about $10,000 that I had just taken out. We also both have FICO scores in the mid 700’s, and have never missed, or been late on a payment. Ever. On top of that, she has worked for Chase Bank for 7 years. So you would think they would treat us with at least a modicum of respect.

That is where the story begins. My wife pays all of our bills online – in fact, she does them on the internal Chase Bank system at work during her lunch. Apparently, she fat-fingered one of the keys and hit a 4 instead of a 5. No big deal, right? Well to our surprise, we had a shock when we opened the following months bill and found out our APR had gone from about 10% to almost 30%! She was alarmed, but I figured all I had to do was call Chase and they would straighten it out.

I navigated my way through their horrendous phone system which asks the same questions twice, only to give way to an associate who still doesn’t know your account number even though you have typed it in repeatedly. Once I finally got a human, I explained the problem, and was promptly told there was nothing that could be done. Obviously, I knew that was not the case. I explained all of the business we do with Chase Bank, that my wife works for Chase Bank, etc, etc., and on and on to no avail. Finally, I asked for a supervisor.

In steps Carl R., from the Orlando office. Finally, a man that can make the situation right. A supervisor! What took place over the next 15 minutes was one of the most infuriating examples of disrespect I have ever known. I actually had to ask on several occasions if he was really a supervisor, because as a supervisor of employees myself, I could never treat anyone in such a way. And if I did, I would be fired. He told me he saw the error in the system, where she tried to pay the bill online, and even saw where an error code was not given, so my wife would have had no way of knowing the payment didn’t take. Yet he still refused to do anything. Finally, I threatened to close out all of my accounts with Chase Bank, and he told me to go right ahead!

Well, us leaving Chase won’t quite bring them to bankruptcy to say the least, but with the amount of business they have gotten from us over the years, I expected a little more. I suspect they didn’t take me seriously – after all, we had significant credit card debt after buying our house, along with the $10k loan I had just taken out. Well, I decided that if anyone was going to make money off of our debt, it wasn’t going to be Chase any longer. It took a few months, but I finally paid off the 60 month loan (in 4 months). The loan disclosure statement that I signed when I took out the loan said that I would pay a total of $3236.80 in interest alone over the course of the loan. But they don’t know how to treat their customers, so I paid it off in 4 months, and so they only made about $250 (and that is with the $50 early prepayment penalty). I LOVE IT! They lost $3,000 just for pissing me off. But that wasn’t enough. I paid off (or transferred the balance to non-Chase cards) of over $15,000 in credit card debt! Oh yeah – we would have been a nice little cash cow for Chase for a looooooong time to come. I kept the Chase credit cards active for credit score reasons, but no balances….. I still have a little too much credit card debt, but at least not a dime of it is going to Chase. I’d rather MBNA, Citibank etc., make the money off of us now. I have a few small bank accounts at Chase, and my wife still works there, but we keep our real money with Comerica now.

So now the publicly documented part begins. Now I am going to write them and ask them to right this wrong. I suppose they didn’t believe I could or would take that much money from them. Or maybe they really don’t care. After all what’s a few grand to a multi-billion dollar company? Not much, but if everybody that is treated unfairly uses the power that they have – the power of where they spend their money, maybe some change can happen. If you went to a store and the store owner treated you like a peasant, would you go back? Would you spend your money with him? Of course not. Well everytime you see a finance charge, realize that is the credit card company being paid by you. If you don’t like them, pay someone else to carry your debt. Transfer the balance to a different bank. Use what little power you have. They will eventually be forced to notice you.

Maybe now they’ll take me seriously, but we’ll see. Everybody will see. Good or bad, their responses are going up on this site for the world to see. Afterwards, I will open this site up to anyone and everyone that has issues they would like to raise publicly about the deceptive practices of Chase Manhattan bank.


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