I’m just a guy that has had it with being treated like shit by Chase Bank.

As the owner of this site, I recently received this threatening letter from JP Morgan Chase. So I guess I need to point out that we are in no way affiliated with JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank of New York aka Bank One aka Bear Stearns aka NBD aka Manufacturers Hanover aka Washington Mutual (or any other past, present or future members of this banking conglomerate). I shouldn’t have to point this out, since this site is called “Chase Sucks” for a reason. But for some reason, those greedy fucks seem to think this little website poses some kind of a threat, and might possibly mislead visitors in to thinking the ads on this site represent them or their products, rather than just my meager attempts to offset the costs of running this site.

They’ll probably sue me since I refuse to take this site down. I’m OK with that. In fact, I can file my own motions and represent myself in court if needed, so I look forward to draining them of their time and money. It’s the least i can do.


  • As another person (small business) that has come to realize Chase really does suck. I say keep up the good work. They really should be locked up for some of thier dirty dealings.

  • great work! I recently received a call from Chase inviting me to the opening party of one of their branches in San Francisco. I politely said, “no thanks; even though I have a small checking account with you for convenience, i very much dislike your institution and unethical practices”. The lady asked me if there was anything she could do to change my mind about Chase. I said, “well, how about stop investing in the weapons industry, manipulating free markets, etc, and being transparent about what you do with people’s money” — to make a long story short, the lady scheduled me for an appointment with the branch manager to “help improve your perception of Chase”. I giggled and accepted her invitation, telling her that during the meeting i would try to convince them out of their jobs at Chase as much as they’ll probably try to sell me something. Question for you: do you have a set of credible articles/documents that you could email me which I could then print out and distribute in the new branch to employees and customers alike summarizing the unethical practices and scandals that Chase has been on since its creation? Thank you!

  • Great site. Thank you! There is comfort in knowing you’re not alone. I’m a small business owner in Michigan. That’s one strike against me right there. I have a ten year + history with this bank. I’ve payed off construction loans, home equity lines of credit, Chase credit cards, and I have two two businesses on a note with Chase, all payments made on time. The thanks I get? A club upside my head. I recently went through a loan renewal. The bank lost the title work to one of my locations. That cost me close to 1000 to fix. Then, instead of the typical 15 year amortization, they put me on a ten year payoff on a floating rate staring at 4.8 above libor, which immediately jacks my payment up 400 a month. For the final kick in the teeth, I was told before closing by my business banker that I wouldn’t have to pay any closing costs. He would cover them. I sit down at closing, he asks, “So, how do you want to handle the 1365.00?” I said, “You said you’d cover it.” He then said that his superiors wouldn’t allow it. Chase, fuck you. Their motto should be, “Fuck you…pay us.” They are the new mafia. Loan sharks. They’d rather see you fail, and take your property, instead of making deals that actually work for you and the bank.

  • Greetings from a fellow Michigander! Yeah that sounds about right – a legal mafia. The things they get away would be illegal if done by a small business owner.

  • I hope this site stays up. Chase does suck and I intend to make a campain to outline why. Im also tired and had far from enough of their crap.

  • CHASE needs to get a reality check. POWER TO THE CREDIT UNIONS……JOIN, JOIN, JOIN NOW

    ALL banks need to have a mass exodus from regular people just trying to find an honest banking institution…


  • I just had a run in with chase over my credit card. I had a cab driver accidentally charge me over $33k on my credit card. The merchant found the issue first thing in the morning and contacted Chase to put a hold on the charge. I found out 4 days after the charge that my account had been locked up for being “over my limit”. I was on a business trip and this was my personal card that I used for business and was forced to use my personal accounts to cover the trip. After locking up my account for over 10 days it finally seemed over. I just found out while doing a deep dive they charged me interest on the charge from the original charge to when it was finally cleared from my account. This is a card that I pay to be a part of and called today to tell them of this mistake. The person on the phone said it was calculated correctly since a different vendor had put that on my account. He said that charges like this were normal for this card even though this was over double my limit on the card so it wasn’t their fault they let the charge go through. I then had to do my own calculations to tell him what my average daily balance should have been and I was told not to pay the 33K.

  • Fuck you piece of shit chase bank and there fake ass employees nationwide. You guys treat your most loyal customers like shit.


  • I was with Washington Mutual and forgot Chase bought them. I got stuff in the mail from Chase but thought it was just credit card offers as I get a bunch in the mail all the time. Anyways about a week later I decide to go through the offers and shred all the applications like I normally do. I open the Chase letter and discover it’s a bill for my Washington Mutual account and it is now 6 days late. I phone in and apologize and tell them I need to make a payment over the phone. I’m informed there is going to be a $35ish late fee and I’m not thrilled but understand. As we are finishing up the phone call I ask if this will affect my interest rate and the rep tells me yes and that it just jumped from 11ish % to something crazy like 29%. At this point I freak out and say that isn’t right and I can’t be the only person this is happening too as this is the first month that they have taken over the other banks accounts. Rep tells me there is nothing he can do and basically tries to end the call as fast as he can. Chase must have made millions off of past due fee’s and interest rate hikes. I paid off my card and will NEVER do business with those bastards again. Chase sucks, I bad mouth them every chance I get and the funny thing is the people I bad mouth them to have had bad experiences with them as well.

  • I wouldn’t treat my worst enemy how chase treated me lately. We’ve blizzard conditions here in Indiana, and I feel they made zero effort to alert their customers of a monday jan. 6 (2014) branch closing through the usuall chanels; (WRTV ch 13), (WLBC radio). I was lied to by 24 hour customer support that they would open at noon. I got there at 1pm. I could have seen a closed sign from my vehicle, but instead I had to climb over a giant snow drift to be greeted by a locked door. I get back home, call the support line again. They tell me, “just put your cash in the deposit friendly atm. It’s no problem.” So I face the blizzard conditions again, only to be greeted by a non working atm. Thanks for the returned check fees, late fees, additional interest penalties.

  • If you think dealing with them and their credit cards is bad. Try dealing with them and a mortgage, which was originally a WAMU mortgage. They have taken the meaning of fraud to an entirely different level, they have no proof they own these loans yet they continue to foreclose on people’s homes with documents that have been falsified. Try untangling that web of lies…they have politicians and judges in their pockets to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • “when chase bank sends you credit card offers just shred the contents and send it back to them they are paying for postage” hope they go broke looser!!!

  • I was a WaMu customer when my checking account was opened and a chase customer at closing approximately 4 years ago. Today I called my former branch to request a complete transaction history of my checking account because I need it for court. I was told “okay that shouldnt be a problem but I need to let you know we charge a $6.00 fee for each history.” I opened my account in October 2007 and closed my account in October 2010. So after telling him my information he ask me “how would you like to pay the fee total of $ 288.00!!!!! Yes thats right, Chase wanted to charge me $288.00 for my information. Thats $6.00 per history is equivalent to $6.00 per month. What really sucks is I have to have this info so I have no other choice but to pay their ransom. They are holding my information hostage but I cant send them to prison. Wrong is wrong.

  • I had a job loss a few years back because the company had lost an account. Right away I contacted the bank and asked them if they could work with me on my credit cards. They told me no and said the cards would default. The woman then asked me if I could at least make payments on one card even though they were going to put it to me on the others. Dirty mother f***ing co**s***ers.

  • A good friend of mine was in London, England recently. Used his United Chase Credit Card several times. It was never out of his possession for more than several minutes (like when a waitress had it to pay for a meal) He got home a had a $46,000 bogus, fraudulent charge on it!. His limit was $17,000.
    He reported it immediately. Thought all was well until last week when Chase informed him he owes the $46,000 and must immediately start paying $1700/month minimum. We’re going after big Bully Chase via Attorneys, the FTC, the OCC, and, if necessary, natuonal media. SHAME ON JP MORGAN CHASE!

  • Chase will not work with u.. they r a poor excuse for a financial bank… should all be killed for stupidy.. greed…they lie. cheat…n will steal u blind….watch out…

  • Just last night chase manipulate my account to get 34 more dollars. Saturday 2 transactions showed an amount was taken out of my account as pending, then today 4 transactions came through not pending yet the ones not even showing as pending went through first. Gotta love a government that lets huge companies manipulate like this
    To steal from citizens.

  • I can confirm, they absolutely suck! I have worked there for a ton of years, and can not wait to leave. Piss Poor managers populate every conference call, with knee jerk reactions to the next “process improvement” effort.

    Most days I want to yell into the phone so that hear the last ounce of soul that was just sucked from my body on my quest for promised meets expectations review that leads to the annual, sorry the pot was small this year. BULLSH*T! The pot is small for lower 99%!! Countless f**kers try to be heard and sound important, since they have not realized the ridiculous sense of competition that the managers generate, all for middle the road rating and scrap of crusted sh*t from the bosses table.

    As an employee they will even attempt to f**k you on refinancing. I tell everyone I know to never borrow from them. They never listen, until they realize that Chase’s b**ls are in their colon.

    F**k CHASE! F**k CHASE! F**k CHASE! F**k CHASE! F**k CHASE! F**k CHASE! F**k CHASE!

  • my boss has a business account there, i suppose for convenience sake, since it’s right across the street.
    today, i went to make a deposit for him: one check and $500 in cash. apparently, unuser friendly has become even more of a pissing contest with these yahoos, because now to make a cash deposit, one has to present photo ID, so that they can ADD it to their computer system.

    seriously? i don’t even have an account there and they want to keep track of me? i said no and got the cash returned and gave it back to my boss, so that he can deposit it.

  • wow……I just started an account with Chase about 3 weeks ago. First of all I just found out your supposed to get 150$ for opening a checking account and that didnt happen for me. When I went there they told me that it was to late because it was already opened. like you shoulda fucking told me the day I opened the account. Now I put a 1,000 dollar check in on saturday it’s now tues and it still isn’t available to me?wtf is going on someone tell me

  • JP Morgan was a Robber Barron, his ruthless and ambitious business practices are still embraced by the company. They specialize in trapping markets while then trying to control and manipulate their competitors and customers. Evil pure evil they are! They represent the old way of thinking 18-19th century Masonic mindset. They have total control to secure the companies wealth also elaborate power and political influence. They use Gestapo style business practices. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself why Jp himself has been dead and still has power and influence like a living person? Do the math everybody, if you want change stop giving people like JP Morgan your money!!!!!?!

  • JP Morgan/ Chase: I hate your bank, and all of your branch managers, in every branch I’ve been to. I have yet to meet a decent one. Chase, you create the largest table-canopies during every start of the semester “bashes” at my college. Quite disturbing and disrespectful, especially how my college is mostly full of lower income, minority students who can barely afford tuition. Now, you have your ATMs INSIDE my college, and many universities around New York.

    I will convince anyone I can to get their hard-earned income out of your pockets.

    As a matter of fact, I think I’ll go ahead and create my own “Chase Bank Sucks” website.

    Keep up the great work, http://www.chase-sucks.com!
    I adore this lovely page.

  • In 2010 I Had 12 (TWELVE) S,TROKES. I Had Financed A USED Honda CR-V 5 Years Before & Never Missed A Payment Or Was Late! I’m 62, Served For Air Force, Army & Marines In Direct Air Support, Now I’M HANDICAPPED!! Chase REPO People Called & DEMANDED MY CAR! I BLEW AN AIRHORN & The Creeps STOPPED CALLING!! IT WORKED ON THE STINKING BILL COLLECTORS TOO!!! Go To Money Tree Dollar Store & Buy Party Favor Aerosol Horns…Talk Softly SO THEY Turn THEIR AUDIO UP… :)) …BLAAAAMMM!!!



  • Banks sucks!!! They are only business, not help people. Fuck you banks, and this mean you TD Bank, fucking Canadians!!!

  • Chase Stank is about to foreclose on my son’s house. Why? because he made a late payment and instead of applying it to the late month they SKIPPED that month and applied it to the next month. 2 months later they tell him he has defaulted on the payment and is in foreclosure. You suck Chase. I hate all banks. They are the devils handmaidens…along with the politicians that back them.

  • Chase bank closed all my accounts without contacting me, and just in time for the holidays! Why did they do that? Because of some computer problem on their end that requires me to fill out a form… which they never told me about. Just closed the account because they never received said form that I never was informed of.

    Went into a branch, filled out the form… One month later, and still nothing. Accounts are still closed. Plus, I still have to make payments on my credit cards, which really stings. Fuck them so hard.

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