“Jigsaw Jones” weighs in with his recent experience

Chase Bank has screwed me since day one. Back in March of this year, I was looking around for a new bank, and I got a thing in the mail that offered me $100 cash if I signed up at Chase Bank.

Unfortunately, I went for it. When I signed up and the dude told me that they used to be Bank One, I should have hopped up and ran as fast as I could, as far away as I could. But I am a stupid optimist, and thought maybe Chase improved Bank One. Idiot.

They signed me up for Chase Leisure Rewards. $25 a year for this, and you’re supposed to get one point per dollar you spend using your debit card. The douche who signed me up said it’d pay for itself in a month, and that he got $300 every year from his leisure rewards account. Now, I use my debit card for EVERYTHING. I very rarely carry any cash on me, so I figured I’d end up with a nice little extra each month. Not the case.

In 3 months, I had accrued a whopping FOUR DOLLARS worth of points. If my math is correct, four dollars every three months equals out to be $12 a year. Not even half of the $25 annual fee that the rewards points were supposed to be paying for. This guy COMPLETELY lied to me just to get me to sign up for this crap. I want to go back to that branch and pull his mealy mouthed prematurely balding ass over the counter and spit right in his ugly face.

When I found out that I’d only earned $4 in three months, but was paying $25 a year for this rip off, I called to cancel the program. Not until they had already canceled it on the phone did they tell me that they had also canceled my debit card! So I had to wait 10 days for a new card, and an ADDITIONAL 4 days for the PIN number. That was two weeks that I had to keep going to the bank to withdraw money. I don’t like to carry cash on me, the card is much more convenient. Also, I lost my whole $4 that I had earned. What kind of racket is that?

Today was the last straw. On Monday, I checked my account online, as I do a few times every day. I checked it against the receipts in my wallet, and everything had posted, according to the website, save one small charge. The website said I had $140 in the account, AFTER everything posted. Based upon that information, I made a few more charges for groceries, etc, and the next day, Tuesday I got a Chase Bank Alert that I had only $120 in the account. I didn’t need to make any more charges, so I didn’t, and was satisfied that I had $120 in the bank for the rest of the week.

Today, I checked the account, and I was overdrawn by $133. There were SIX overdraft fees in addition to that. I called the customer service line, and they told me that there were also three more charges that hadn’t gone through, and three more OD fees, all for a sum total of $507. They said I needed to deposit $300 immediately. I told the representative that I had just checked the account and everything had gone through.

She told me that what they do is they hold on to your charges for a few days. They LOOK like they’ve posted online, but they actually haven’t. THEN they post all the bigger charges first. After that, they post the smaller ones. So actually, none of the charges I had made posted, although my online statement said they had. So, I continued to make charges, throwing me over the limit and hitting me each time with a $35 overdraft fee, although my account SHOWED that everything cleared and that I had plenty of money in the bank! This, to me, sounds like a scam so that they can get overdraft fees out of people. I have never in my 16 years of having a bank account had 9 overdraft fees. I guess that’s because I wasn’t a member of Chase Bank until recently.

I have no clue how they get away with this. I’m sure that they only are able to do this with lower income customers like myself, who rarely have more than $100 in the bank just before payday hits. I don’t know how they sleep at night doing this to people who barely have any money in the first place. I remember vaguely that Bank One got sued a few years ago because of a stunt like this, I hope Chase Bank goes down for it as well, and I hope they all rot in Hell. So now, when I get paid on Friday, I will BARELY have enough money to cover rent. That means I won’t be able to buy gas and I’ll only be able to eat one meal per day . All because I took Chase’s word that my charges had cleared and I had money in the bank. I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next two weeks now. I’ve never had a bank do me like this. And, again, I don’t see how they can sleep at night while they’re doing this to people. Thank God I don’t have children.

Because I was foolish enough to jump at the $100 deal, I am stuck with them until September. After September, I will immediately take my money out of Chase Bank and move to another bank. I wish I could go in and take the money out and then shit on the counter. They sure have taken a massive sh*t on me.


  • I got f****d up the same way with the overdraft fees. I had enough money on the account for all my purchases. I did them all through the weekend, and what happens next – on Monday they hit the biggest transaction first so it can make my account overdrawn and then all the rest. And they charged me $35 overdraft fee for each transaction. I’m closing the account today. They are not taking any of my money anymore. F**k them.

  • Most people keep track of what they charge to their debit cards and not let the bank tell them their balance available. If you know you put $500 in your account YOU should keep track of you purchases and when you have spent close to that amount, stop spending.

  • Chase seems to bend over backwards for me. They approved me for 17,600 Visa Signature card last July and now I just got approved for 12,500 Marriott Rewards card. This is an addition to a 5000 credit line from the old Wamu days. I love this bank and they love me. I don’t get charged any checking account fees or fees at all . It probably helps that I always have around 10,000 in my checking account and make 140,000 a year. Advice, get a real job and banks treat you like gold. People need to understand it’s a business. If you don’t do anything for them, then they sure are not going to do anything for you. If you ever go into the bank and talk to the teller the first thing they do it look at your accounts. If you have some money in them they are going to be nice to you, why? because you bring them money. All you low time account holders need to learn that it is always about how much money you make..period. Pay your bills, keep track of your accounts, put lots of money in them and then maybe they will throw you a bone. Stop crying, there is other banks.

  • to the above..they will get u one way or the other dont worry. They like you b/c they are using your money to rip other ppl off…how you make a 140,000 a year i dont know. you seem like a real bitch, hope you never have to take advice. Chase is not for you and any of its CUSTOMERS. I would never put one dollar of my money in a chase bank. i paid off 30,000 of credit with them and have a mortgage to pay off..i will NEVER EVER USE CHASE and you are right there are other banks and I use them.

  • all banks use this debit practice by holding charges and then pushing them through to get the od charges. They have formulas, track your history of charges and know when / where you use your cards. The banks know your buying patterns and they will hold charges back so it appears you have money and shows the pending amounts have been taken out..try to give yourself a cushion so this does not happen. Debit cards are great but just track your charges and go by what you believe is in the bank…i still would not use chase…i think you would get better service from a smaller community bank.

  • Your post makes no sense. I seem like a bitch because I make 140,000 a year. Does that make you mad? Go back to your ESL class and study a little more.

  • chase has been screwing me with huge overdraft fees on my debit card when i know there was enough money in my account to cover what i purchased!chase has done this to me periodically for the last few years!i looked online tonight and found to my anger,dismay and surprise they,ve done it again this time they claim i owe 107 something in overdraft fees!this is is insane!I am going to pay this, this week!but after i do I am done with chase!i,m getting a new bank this week or early next and not one of the big corporate ripoff banks!also i,m gonna just use my debit card to withdraw cash. cash is better anyway!screw chase bank and all the other modern day big banks!we need new laws against these robberbarrons!

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