Chase Bank Tried To Steal This Website!

(Just an update – Chase Bank has responded with the exact same email as below, on March 18th. Once again I had to tell them to put it in writing. The saga continues…) So, I guess they didn’t know what I meant by “send it in writing”. They took that to mean “send another email, but this time demand that I turn over this domain name and website to them”. I shouldn’t be surprised, their customer service tends to react the same way, with what some would consider borderline retardation.

So after the first email Chase Bank sent trying to threaten me in which they said, and I quote “Our firm does not object to your ownership of”, they go on in this email (sent less than a week later) to demand not only the domain name, but the website content as well. Wow – what changed? It’s kinda like how they just magically change people’s interest rates. I guess they didn’t like me posting their email to me on the internet for everyone to see. Boy, they’re gonna love this then! Here is the 2nd email they sent, in full:

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

We are writing on behalf of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “JPMorgan Chase”) to you, as the registrant of the Internet domain name

JPMorgan Chase has well-established rights to Chase, as its trademark for banking and financial services. JPMorgan Chase’s trademark rights in Chase are based on the long-standing and extensive use of Chase by our firm or its predecessors. JPMorgan Chase owns trademark registrations that consist of or contain Chase.

Our firm has determined that its rights to its famous trademark Chase are being infringed by and by confusing content that appears on the website located at this domain name address. If you believe that your use of Chase at has been authorized by JPMorgan Chase, please specify the source of this authorization and the date on which you received it.

If you have not received such authorization, our firm demands that you immediately take the following steps:

-Discontinue all use of

-Unlock the domain name registration and send the applicable authorization code to us at, so that we can transfer the registration for to JPMorgan Chase’s account. (~emphasis mine)

Please do not open a new account for in response to this demand.

JPMorgan Chase would like to resolve this matter amicably if at all possible. Please respond in writing to within ten days from the date of this message. Otherwise, our firm will assume that you are unwilling to comply with this demand. In that event, JPMorgan Chase will take all steps that it deems necessary to enforce its trademark and other legal rights.

JPMorgan Chase looks forward to a prompt reply to this message.

JP Morgan Chase Brand Protection
301 N. Walnut Street
1CC – 17th Floor – DE1-0175
Wilmington, DE 19801
Fax: 1-302-282-3001

I suppose I’ll be sued – although they don’t have a leg to stand on. I’ve already begun to prepare my motions. This will be fun.


  • Steve-o is the kind of guy that Chase loves. Whenever a transgression of people’s basic rights and violation of trust is committed he sets to blame the victim rather than facing the aggressor because he is a coward and thinks that aligning himself with aggressors like Chase gives him security and a false sense of worthiness. In reality Steve-o you’re a poor excuse for a human being. Anyone who defends Chase practices, especially when they blame those who are being abused by huge conglomerate like chase are spineless cowards.

    I am not sure what everyone’s intention is on this forum but I am sure most of them are not trying to “bring down” Chase Bank. Rather, they’re trying to shed some light on the evil practices and policies of this mega-company that present itself as consumer oriented and people friendly when its agendas are to deprived them of everything they have because believe it or not some people are oblivious to the methods of JP Morgan Chase.

    I personally want the public to understand Chase’s agenda by sharing with them how they treat their branch employees which i hope will give people a perspective of what Chase Bank really is. Imagine if everyone just turned a blind eye to injustice. Imagine if every one simply complied with every order given, executed them and went on to collect a paycheck like lil steve-o is doing here… what type of world would this be? Steve mentioned trillions of dollars in terms of the company’s assets under management because like all of the incompetent fools at JP Morgan Chase he throws numbers around thinking large sums of capital are “cool and awesome” yet he never paused for an instant to think: how did they get such an enormous sum of money? And, I already know the rhetoric that Chase programs guys like lil’ steve-o to use as rebuttals. They go something like, it’s a business – we’re better than our competitors – it’s the strength of Chase – we’re in the for profit business.

    So in that spirit, to paraphrase the editor here I ask you lil’ steve, is it okay to profit from the suffering and mistreatment of others? If i made hundreds of millions by knowingly selling poisonous candies to little children then speak of myself as an accomplish millionaire, do people have the right to complain about me? About my practices? Or do they have to stop shedding light on my execrable ways simply because I am a millionaire (yes with a M), grow up and move on? The saddest thing about his reply is that you can tell that Steve-o has limited intellect, little understanding and clearly has no visions because you work for Chase now so you’re okay with everything, even if they were to get blood money but what about when you’re no longer working there Steve-o. You will be subjected to the same shenanigans you helped perpetrated only then will you understand the true meaning behind what you’re seeing here you simple minded fool!

  • I use to work for J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. It was a short stay working at the banking retail level. The best way to compare working for them would probably be like working for the Nazi’s. Many people who have many years working for Chase before all the mergers explained to me that it all changed when Jamie Dimon took control of the helm. I like to call him Hitler.
    He sets the direction of the company and all his management, which I call the Gestapo, make sure its enforced.
    They try to manage employees with fear and many are already turned into programmed chase robots or nazi soldiers. You are encouraged to sell financial products, even if the customer does not need it. Every item is commission for the branch and the employee. Financial products include annuities, bond funds, mutual funds, credit cards, checking accounts, saving accounts, home equity line of credits, and business loans.
    So the Nazi soldier will sell clients anything the can without any regard to whether the customers need it or without anyregard to age (seniors). I seen it with my own eyes. I had to leave the company because this was taking a toll on my beliefs of honesty and integrity. The details can go on forever but I ll be here all day. No matter what the price is, I d rather swallow my own blood than swallow my pride and work any company like this.

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