JP Morgan Chase Is Officially Pissed Off About This Site

I guess this means we have the attention of Chase Bank. I just received an email from them which I guess was supposed to scare me. Instead, I printed it out and hung it on my wall above my computer. I’m looking for a suitable frame now.

Here, for all to see, is the officially response from JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves these days) about this site:

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
We are writing on behalf of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “JPMorgan Chase”) to you, as the registrant of the Internet domain name
JPMorgan Chase has well-established rights to , as its trademark for banking and financial services. JPMorgan Chase’s trademark rights in are based on the long-standing and extensive use of by our firm or its predecessors. JPMorgan Chase owns trademark registrations that consist of or contain .
Our firm does not object to your ownership of However, JPMorgan Chase has determined that the website located at contains references to banking or other financial services. This content, placed on the website located at, creates a likelihood of confusion about the source of these services.
If you believe that your references to banking or other financial services at have been authorized by JPMorgan Chase, please specify the source of this authorization and the date on which you received it. If you have not received such authorization, our firm demands that you immediately remove all banking or financial services references from all web pages that are located at
JPMorgan Chase would like to resolve this matter amicably if at all possible. Please respond in writing to within ten days from the date of this message. Otherwise, our firm will assume that you are unwilling to comply with this demand. In that event, JPMorgan Chase will take all steps that it deems necessary to enforce its trademark and other legal rights.
Our firm looks forward to a prompt reply to this message.
JP Morgan Chase Brand Protection
301 N. Walnut Street
1CC – 17th Floor – DE1-0175
Wilmington, DE 19801
Fax: 1-302-282-3001

Now, I’m not sure exactly how stupid one would have to be to confuse this site, with that of the official Chase Bank site. I haven’t artfully photoshopped their logo, or done anything else to make anyone think this site is in anyway endorsed by Chase Bank. Quite the opposite, starting with the name, and extending through every ounce of content on this site, we make it abundantly clear that Chase Bank Sucks! That’s the whole point of this site. If Chase Bank wasn’t so morally corrupt, greedy and out of touch with their customers there would be no need for this site. But there is, and they don’t scare me so the site stays.

To think that with all the bailouts and troubles in the banking industry that this little site has pissed them off enough to send me a C&D brings me a sense of pride. You would think they had more important things to do, but it just goes to show the power of the internet to shine a light on all the dark practices of a company like shine a light on all the dark practices of a company like Chase Bank.


  • Dude I love America and free speech. It is our only defence against these mega banks. You rock Buddy!

  • If Chase is p.o.ed about this website being in place, they need to change the way they do business. No more harassing debtors with 10 or more calls a day, no more outrageous late fees, no more rude, obnoxious jerks in their so called customer service department talking over you and always saying that your payment plan is not acceptable. No more calling work after you tell them not to as well. I’m glad this website exists and I can use this as a vehicle to vent. If it did not exist I would have simply created my own chasesucks website. This bank deserves to fail and deserves to lose every lawsuit pending against it. The worst part about it is, if they get in trouble financially, the government will bail them out. I wish I could get a similar bailout. If I was president, I would have made sure Chase did NOT get any bailout money ever! Chase is truly the Evil Empire – may they go straight to hell!

  • Jamie Dimon, was fired from Citibank, after a run-in with the daughter of the Citi CEO. His first offical act after being hired by Bank One, when McCoy was under fire after the 450 million dollar class action law suit againist First USA credit cards late payment scam, was to meet with his senior Bank One direct reports.

    Dimon politely assembled 10 of his most senior direct reports. Dimon called them to his Chicago 10 S. Dearborn Headquarters and returned the favor, of his former employer Citi after being fired from Citi, as he allowed the 10 senior managers to determine which 7 would keep their job, when he returned after one hour.

    This is how ruthless Dimon is, and has no problem firing people at will with no reason!

    Also, ask Jamie about assembling Indians from Mumbie, India, and creating a 23 million college dorm setting hiring only those with a masters degree or hirer with the sole purpose of replacing American workers with Indian Telephone Bankers there and in Manila.

    Do you want to trust your money with a man like him?

  • I’m happy that Chase is pissed off. In fact, it makes my day. The truth is, that if they weren’t guilty of their unscrupulous behavior, there wouldn’t be sites like this one. Have they not pissed off everyone that they have dealt with?? I have never seen so many sites with complaints about them. Do a search and type in Chase Bank complaints. It’s amazing…….site, after site with complaints about them. Pages of them, in fact. Take your pick. Complain on ALL of them if you have the time. When will they be stopped from getting away with the shady things they do?? The sooner the better.






  • Hurray
    Kudos to your site,
    I am a person that sincerely wish every day this bank must go out of business because of their sucky practice. I curse that Bank again and again
    Because i came from Wamu, After one year This cursed chase bank change my terms and condition and and charge $20 every month to satisfy their stealing appetite. They give me .01 interest and take $240 from my checking account to increase their profit in my hard earned money.
    Why US government is not taking action that so many people complained about this bank. We must stop this suck-ass banks entirely from the business.
    They can violate the contact and terms and that i agreed when i moved the chase from WAMU
    i by the time i will not compensate from the justice department for their violation.
    (Let me curse once more time this Banks CEO.)
    Let this Chase CEO get paralyzed in a car accident and his family goes in to prostitution to keep living. Let all executives go die in a car accident. )
    As a simple person i need to do at lease this much other wise it is not justifiable.
    Let the operator of this site take an extra effort and market this site
    Let Chase bank Die very soon.
    I want to at least do this much
    I will sure come back and make more curse about this bank.
    Send a link of this curse to that CEO

    Great Works Guys Keep It up on the Internet.

  • Well, we certainly don’t wish harm on any other human beings, no matter how despicable their business practices are – it’s certainly understandable the level of frustration that people are experiencing.

  • I’m so pleased that Chase has taken an interest in this site. It’s funny. I can see them scrambling around their multi million dollar executive suites, scratching their liver spotted bald heads wondering “Will this affect this years projected earnings?” They probably dropped millions setting up a team to “close this site down NOW!” Lets all get some LOLZ at Chase’s expensive!!

  • Chase treated me quite rudely when I made a m istake and overdrew my account by $3.96. I tried to quickly deposit the funds when I realized the mistake five days later, long story short, they wont work with you and WILL charge you $15 per day you are overdrawn and that is after the $49.95 they dinged me with. The old man at the branch did not care to please me at all and I am closing that sh** a** account today. I am going to tell the employee I deal with to watch their backs because if they treat the customer like this, they will treat the employee worse. Thanks for the great site.I amy also drop some tiny little strips of paper on the podium that say CHASESUCKS.COM!
    CHASE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Also they were rude and beligerent, told me I made the mistake (true) and that they could not override what chase has in place, like give me one more day to get the funds in, or maybe close my account , nope, THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU. THEY CANNOT OVERRIDE COMPUTERS SO WHY HAVE HUMANS THERE AT ALL? My credit union would have refunded and waived all fees and helped me. I have been banking 18 years, that was the third time in 18 years I ever overdrew my account. Did not matter a fig to them. I cannot wait to visit FRANK at the branch and have him close my account personally. He was such a heartless di** to me I really feel badly he is with such a crappy company, his future looks grim.Thank you again and again for this site, it is necessary. What goes around comes around Chase, you better start looking ahead, Chase will go down.

  • Oh I see, they don’t hhave a problem with you having a website called as long as it doesn’t mention how much their bank sucks. And that’s trademark enforcement? Why don’t they just stop sucking so you can shut this mamma jamma down entirely?

  • I find it particularly amusing that this letter came from “JP Morgan Chase Brand Protection.”

    In fact, I think that’s *exactly* the problem. Chase thinks you protect a brand by bullying proponents of free speech instead of actually … oh, I dunno, just a thought … trying to deal with the problems that led to customer complaints in the first place.

    Just for the record? I’m a fully compliant customer with maybe one overdraft in the past year. I’m not asking for a payment plan or anything. I’m just pissed that they converted my no-fee checking account into a fee-one-way-or-another account through a series of sneaky little tricks.

  • Perfect website because in my opinion after dealing with Chase for a loan mod-

  • My mother and I lived in our house for 20 years. She got sick and I could not keep the payments up. So I had a second mortgage with Key Bank and Key Bank said they would not modify my loan and would foreclose. I moved out and my mother became terribly sick, most with depression and just heart broken. I had never missed a payment. We were treated horribly with both banks but Chase was the worst. I had a total of 5 or 6 offers on my house for a short sale. One offer was higher than what we had the house up for on the market. My realtor did everything requested for a short sale and also I send every paper requested. For almost two years we constantly called and pleaded for someone to help us with the short sale. Meanwhile, I kept getting calls from Chase threatening to foreclose. No one knew anything and they just gave us the run around until finally Key Bank foreclosed on the house after waiting for Chase to accept the offer for almost two years. After the foreclosure Chase had the nerve to keep calling me and threaten to foreclose. I told them the house had been gone for almost two months and they just did not seem to care. I am still getting calls from Chase bank about the house. I believe this bank and the owners or CEO’s are nuts. This is a true story.
    I heard there is a class action suit against Chase for just the reasons we are talking about. Does anyone know if this is true? I would like to be on this. I live in Baltimore area.

  • Glad to hear people speak up to these idiots. They really do need to change the name to chase sucks, because they do. Hope they get exactly what they deserve. NOTHING !! Oh by the way IIm not paying you a red cent and quess what you cant make me hahahahahahaha. Credit, ah no problem. My husband isnt on anything so we have great credt, as a matter of fact, just bought a new car…haa

  • I have read about all the foreclosures estimated for 2011.
    Can anyone tell me, has anything changed?

  • I know there is expected to be another large wave of foreclosures coming in 2011. I also know that many people will not be kicked out of their homes because of the sloppy paperwork done by the banks.

  • I too had a “sucks” site for another company. They tried the same thing that Chase is trying to pull. I told them to pound sand. Never heard from them again. Stand up for what is right! I admire your efforts.

  • Chase is by far the WORST bank I’ve ever dealt with. They have all sorts of fees left and right. Their literature states that your avg balance needs to be at least 5K for the monthly fee to be waived. Chase has charged me the 12.00 monthly fee even though my avg daily balance was over $ 5K. I have already had to go to the bank to get the charge reversed once. But the very next month they charged me another 12.00 again. I’m going to have to go back to the local branch and raise a ruckus… Stupid bank can’t even get their fees straight. They have tons of fees. It seems every little thing you want them to do, there is a fee–there is even a 25.00 fee for closing each of your accounts if it has been open less than 90 days. That means if you hate their service like I do, you still have to wait 90 days until you can get your money out. Basically they hold your money hostage or extort you if you want to take your money out and put it into a better bank. I will be closing my accounts once that minimum number of days is up and never doing business with them ever again! Steer clear of this bank! It’s a hassle to keep having to explain and re-explain to them that they are charging me erroneous fees and getting them credited back.

    And by the way, this site ROCKS!

  • CHASE SUCKS !!! What do you expect from big brother They rape people out of interest and phony fees worse than the loan sharks on the street. we should all band together and picket their branches in every city all on the same day .anybody interested?

  • After 3 yrs Chase just jacked up our business loan payment to triple it was – and of course the ‘system’ won’t allow a modified payment plan.

    So now I get to file bankrupcy. Thanks Chase, you just put a small business out of business, you suck.

    *And your Indian service center doubly sucks.

  • Sorry to hear about your situation. Small business owners are the backbone of this country and it’s so typical of them to not care about them. Too bad you’re not a Wall Street banker – they would’ve taken really good care of you.

  • Stay away from Chase! I closed my account in writing over two months ago. Still waiting for my check of the rest balance. I was told ten business days, that was 50 business days ago. I got apologies from ‘lost in the mail’, to ‘was returned to sender due to inability to deliver’… that’s funny, for I received everything else from them at my address as usual…my guess is, if you close an account with them, they will keep the cash as long as possible…
    The other thing I despised, since I live in Hawaii, was being told at three different occasion by customer service, that Hawaii is a foreign country. First I thought they are joking, but it turns out they insisted. Don’t know if that’s a tea party thing or what. The bank is as creepy as it gets: stay away.

  • The reason they got to their world control is they have their lobbyists pay into Democratic and Republican coffers here in the States. We never heard of JP til they foreclosed 9/08 but never went to get clear title to foreclose until three months later 12/08. I am still fighting for my house back but by pro se means as no attorney wants to go up against them the
    only agency that has helped us was the FBI and so far I havent had to show proof. All they had to do was look into our Chapter 13 Trustee disbursement schedule when we had 100% payout. Compare the disbursement schedule to the reported amounts furnished the IRS by JP. Nothing matches and I pray that it will be these two agencies they have to face off with because so far I believe they (JP) pay off county courts and state justices we are waiting to see about the federal justice system. Not holding too much hope but it helps to see we are not alone out here as the Republicans try to quelch any Consumer Protection. We do need to demonstrate! But we
    also need lawyers to take up cause for this is heading into a lawsuit. All the news articles that site different scenarios have a common thread it is greedy fingers,ignorance of the public, illegalities swept under the rug, and unethical attitude they will get away with it. I say make all public offices a volunteer position and IRS can monitor their travel/lodging expense accounts. They do not earn one penny of tax money paid by “we the people”. No earnings while in office and all that can be served is a two year term ever! Accept money in campaigns/Serve time in Arizona outdoor prison camps. Best to all fighters out there. Don’t tire. Don’t give up. Our forefathers did not fight for this kind of persecution by greed.

  • I looked on my bank account on line to find a $12 misc. fee. Went into the bank and they informed letters were sent out to everyone informing customers of the change. I never saw a letter. I get so much trash mail from Chase Bank I usually just throw it in the trash..Long story short…I am closing my account ASAP..As soon as a check and a debit are cleared. They will never get another $12 from me. After talking with bank manager who tried to talk to me into changing and direct depositing $500 to have free checking, I asked why do that when the credit union will give me as much money as I want and more importantly, I always know where I stand with them financially. I only used a second bank because I live out of state and my home bank is so far away…

  • You are right about Obama administration. I think they are moving towards trying to let Chase be the NWO bank. May G-d help us and the poor folks who work for Chase Bank. May they find a better job. Guess I have to write off my $12…I can’t help but think of the scores of people who are writing theirs too as they leave. $12 X 15,000 locations, X who knows how many customers now having to pay a monthly service fee for not direct depositing min. $500 just makes me quite ill. Chase also holds your deposits longer too..My credit union deposits at least a day earlier than Chase and the company I work for uses Chase.

  • Glad they are being force fed their own medicine.CHASE SUCKS big time. lousy customer service, 300 billion in bailouts and they NEVER even processed most of the MHA/loan modifications….Chase can go to hell.

    I am telling everyone to NEVER use their mortgage servicing industry, which clearly is outsourced and employs uneducated rude reps with no education. Meanwhile they rape and pillage the U.S. citizens and pretend they are trying to offer loan modifications. The last idiot we spoke to Nikita Clay at the Colorado MHA loan dept kept my husband on hold TWO and a half hours. They clearly dont give a damn…well guess what, people can start boycotting them….What if NO ONE buys a house…..everyones property values have been decimated thanks to Wall St bankster fraud.

    wake up people. CEO of JPMorgan Chase is a felon, banksters from Wells Fargo, Chase and “ally”(lol what a lame rename for GMAC). Americans are fed up.

  • It would be interesting to learn
    1. Did you ever receive a further threat communication
    2. Did you respond.
    I have been engaging in an over- the -top written correspondance with JPMorgan Chase, Chase Home Finance, Chase Home Lending
    Every letter comes from a different address. So far Jacksonville,Fla; Fort Worth,Texas;Murray,Utah;Florence.SC; Columbus,Ohio;NewYork,NY;Edison,NJ;Hartford,Ct;
    Now Delaware.
    The Chase letter I have framed is the one that begins”At Chase We’re here to help”
    I’m sure everyone knows they need a real lawyer in each State not an “office ” in a remote location

    I ALWAYS WRITE.and send a copy to the senior NYC executive For mortgages that is David Lowman, CEO Chase Home Lending, JPMORGAN CHASE, 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
    I never take or return a telephone call. I have succeeded in using the Fair Creditor law to terminate any attempt to reach me except by mail.
    This is a REALLY important. DO NOT throw anything from Chase away. Answer in writing and tell them they are WRONG, made a mistake, violated the law, tried to defraud. It stops them dead. Then they take weeks to worry about a law suit. Then some other place writes pretending they know nothing.
    I wish all luck and great tenacity

  • I am writing to you today to state this fact. JPMorgan Chase & Co. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “JPMorgan Chase”) actually do suck. So please continue to tell the truth and keep people informed about how much we suck at banking. We suck so much, that we are the foremost experts of sucking, thus this is why we are still in business. We plainly suck.

    Thank you for your cooperation into this matter.

  • Apparently, the Chase Legal Team isn’t aware of the class action suits already started in five states. The one in Calfornia is underway. It’s the beginning of the end of Chase. For those that continue to pay those “fake” modifications, please stop. Unless Chase owns your loan, that money just goes into their pocket. The longer they string you along, the more money they make from you and from whoever has your original note. Same goes for the short sales. Find it on the MERS website and work with them. If Chase is the “servicer” of your loan(which would appear on every letter sent from them), they can’t legally do anything about your loan except collect money for the note holder by telling you anything. I found that out when I had done a modification with Chase for six months and then got a summons to foreclose from Bank of America, another terrorist group. Their legal team is so smart that the delivery boy they hired from Pizza Hut, handed the summons to my daughter’s then 17 year old boyfriend who happened to answer the door. I had that summons “quashed” by my attorney and still live here. I haven’t paid Chase anything since, but I’ve been trying to do a short sale, have a buyer, they were ready to accept it, then said with final approval from the “investors” who I found on the MERS website to be Bank of America. Now Chase wants $40,000 from me to close-which they aren’t getting because I now realize I should have been dealing with Bank of America all along.Duh. I will probably file chapter 7, stay here and save some more money until they attempt to foreclose again(B of A). They are as equally evil as Chase.
    PS to those who think this started under Obama-get real!
    This was going on while George W. was in office but the republican controlled media couldn’t mention it.

  • Republican and Democrat administrations both get to share blame because this has been going on for years and neither party wants to really fix it since it will mean less money from their lobbyists. Technically, the housing mess began under the Clinton Administration though:

    It is documented by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)
    Clinton’s changes:
    “Freddie Mac, one of the primary government-sponsored enterprises involved in the purchase of mortgages, recently announced plans to enter the secondary market in subprime loans by purchasing significant numbers of “A minus” subprime mortgages by 1998 and the higher-risk “B and C” loans by 1999.(20) ”

    “On June 6, 1996, President Clinton announced that he had directed FHA to reduce the up-front mortgage insurance premium (UFMIP) for first-time home buyers who receive housing counseling”…

    Clinton also picked his subordinates that made it happen.…

    Obama has gotten over $100,000 from Freddie and Fannie.…

    The U.S. Government ( and ) has jurisdiction over Freddie Mac ( Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation ) And Fannie Mae ( Federal National Mortgage Association ). Like the Postal Service, they are government sponsored enterprises (GSE).

    I don’t point these facts out to exonerate Bush and his cronies – quite the opposite. Wake up America – both parties are in bed with lobbyists and are selling us down the river. If you want to see REAL CHANGE you need to start voting for 3rd party candidates to challenge this two-headed monster that our political system has become.

  • Thanks for your clarification and I agree. The politicians we put in office are suppose to represent all of us, we the people, united as one. It sounds corny and idealistic but can happen if we pay attention to what’s going on around us and act on it. Which brings me to Chase trying to get this website shut down-Freedom of Speech-Are they unaware of that right?

  • People have been fired from this company for following rules the higher ups made. They gave out their brilliant ideas and told the subordinates to obey it or face insubordination. Subordinates followed like slaves. Their brilliant plan failed and now they are terminating their employees without severance pay. I have more info if you want, you know where to reach me. Slave drivers who treat people as expendables and how they really think of their customers.

  • I really had no idea!

  • Chase bank is not a real bank because no real money is in circulation. Th real money (gold/silver) has been removed. What is now backing the currency is OUR credit and labor. A mortgage is a (dead)pledge the homeowner signs believing a loan was gievn to them. However, there is no money to loan. Servicer “banks” are using the homeowners credit to PURCHASE the house, then the homeowner BUYS the house when they work to create and make the payments…There was NO LOAN from chase. A homeowner agrees to a higher number of credit, then the servicer banks will have Federal reserve “credit” notes (not money) printed to match the homeowners credit giving the APPEARANCE of a loan. The homeowner unknowingly signs away their house if they cannot work to create and make payments that gives value to the credit the servicer bank obtained through the homeowners (dead) pledge. The “interest” is none oher than ‘usage fee’ charges attached to the currency we use.

    These so called “banks” are cashing in on homeowners credit and sticking the homeowner with the bills (literally, the dollar BILLS).
    ALL THE VALUE comes from the homeowner’s credit and the the ability to work to add value to their credit. These so called “banks” cash in and spend all at once what the homeowner has unknowingly agreed to work and add value to. This is why they end up with MILLIONS because homeowners are unknowingly surrendering their credit. Our credit is sold on the stock market NOT a loan. The homeowner is giving the servicer “bank” a loan by letting the servicer bank (unknowingly) cash in on their credit.
    That makes these so called banks the ‘borrower’.
    Burtons legal Thesaurus definition of
    borrower—> PARASITE.

    Where does YOUR credit come from? A credit check. Literally, a check containing your credit. Credit check is also refering to see if you have available credit. …from where? Burtons legal thesaurus defines
    ‘credit check’—> a coupon. A coupon is defined as—> a detachable part of a certificate. What certificate associates with you that could have available credit waiting to be obtained? Look in legal dictionary to find and compare these words….Birth,Berth, Line, Stock, Post.

  • You rock ! Chase Bank is the Devil. We have been trying the refinance our loan (former Wamu) and hit a brick wall every time. Does anyone have suggestions for a decent financial institution to work with? I feel we are just being lead down the garden path with this bank? We are never late and the values have come up a bit. We are located in Northern, CA ~ Bay Area. Love this site !

  • Chase Bank has harassed me until I had to go on depression medication. They call 8-10 times a day and ask the same questions…..when are you going to pay…over and over and over! I have told them I don’t have money to pay, I have no assets, no savings and I can’t even afford health insurance. They locked me out of my house ” of 20+ years” almost 2 years ago and I had to move in with my 90 year old parents. I was just served foreclose papers and a bill for the total owed on the house plus interest. They still call! WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP??? If I commit suicide, will they Harass my parents too?

  • Glad to see I’m in good company. Makes me feel less discriminated against!

    Had a small business transaction of a car purchase, FYI a bank check that is paid for and backed by your money is no longer received as cash. News to me. Chase was not the only bank involved Fulton bank in southern PA also a stinker. Originally told 7 days (more time than a personal check for goodness sake) remains to be seen. Think of how much money people are spending on bank checks for no reason. It’s such a rip off.

    I was told I should of had monies wired into my account, that means I would have had to have given a stranger my banks routing # as well as my personal checking account #, I don’ t think so. Boy these banks just don’t quit, take $ for a check that is essentially worth no more than a regular check, by the way guys don’t you think it’s time for another fee hike. Merry!*%#*€~ Christmas, and a happy business as usual New Year

  • thank god for this site. i wish i would have done a lil more background check on chase before working for them. they treat their employess like SHIT and will fire you for anything if you refuse to kiss their ass#GOODLUCKWITHTHAT

  • Chase blows they froze my account and a two weeks later I got a check for the amount in the account, I had to borrow money from mom because I had nothing other then the change around my house for 2 weeks

  • What we all need to do is get our loans refinanced with another bank or a credit union ,more like the credit union i reccomend, if we all make it a new years goal to leave chase by this year that will speak louder than anything …i will be going to all of the “i hate chase sites to make this suggestion ..lets leave chase this year, they dont deserve us .

  • I thought I was the only person that felt this way about Chase. Working for them was the WORST. They are beyond fucked up. I hate that company. I will never go back to a job like that again. It’s sad how so many good employees come and go from there. Long live free speech! CHASE SUCKS A ^%&$#% &^%&^% &%! Eat that sukas!!!

  • Chase has informed me that when their customer writes me a check for $51 they will pay me $45. The checking account is draw on the branch where I cashed, but they insist that if I don’t have a Chase account the will charge a $6 fee to cover their costs? So now I have to tell my customer that her $51 check is only worth $45 and she’ll have to pay me $57 so I can get the $51 value I demanded for my service. I thought Chase promised its customers to cover the full face value of their promissory notes. Now they don’t. Get rid of Chase accounts!

  • Quite a few bankers remind me of unflushed toilets. Loans are nothing but a note (paper) . One of the nasty officers get to win a foreclosure lottery, (the note) . He or she will win the home foreclosure. I’m pissed off for them steeling my home, I lived and worked so hard for, There is no such thing as locked in, They can sell you to other banks and jump the fee anytime they want, I lost a lot trust in banks, Now I belong to the Mason jar bank. I am so home sick , I lost the home I built and lived in for 18 years. If anyone ever get a chance watch the show on Africa and Chase b…. .


  • This is the absolute worst company to work for. All they do is belittle their employees and insult them until they do what they want. I can’t wait for Karma to hit all of these corporate a**holes. I will enjoy the day this place is shut down. I don’t even work there but have heard only complaints from the friends I have had that did or do work there. Chase truly SUCKS

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