JP Morgan Chase Is Officially Pissed Off About This Site

I guess this means we have the attention of Chase Bank. I just received an email from them which I guess was supposed to scare me. Instead, I printed it out and hung it on my wall above my computer. I’m looking for a suitable frame now.

Here, for all to see, is the officially response from JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves these days) about this site:

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
We are writing on behalf of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “JPMorgan Chase”) to you, as the registrant of the Internet domain name
JPMorgan Chase has well-established rights to , as its trademark for banking and financial services. JPMorgan Chase’s trademark rights in are based on the long-standing and extensive use of by our firm or its predecessors. JPMorgan Chase owns trademark registrations that consist of or contain .
Our firm does not object to your ownership of However, JPMorgan Chase has determined that the website located at contains references to banking or other financial services. This content, placed on the website located at, creates a likelihood of confusion about the source of these services.
If you believe that your references to banking or other financial services at have been authorized by JPMorgan Chase, please specify the source of this authorization and the date on which you received it. If you have not received such authorization, our firm demands that you immediately remove all banking or financial services references from all web pages that are located at
JPMorgan Chase would like to resolve this matter amicably if at all possible. Please respond in writing to within ten days from the date of this message. Otherwise, our firm will assume that you are unwilling to comply with this demand. In that event, JPMorgan Chase will take all steps that it deems necessary to enforce its trademark and other legal rights.
Our firm looks forward to a prompt reply to this message.
JP Morgan Chase Brand Protection
301 N. Walnut Street
1CC – 17th Floor – DE1-0175
Wilmington, DE 19801
Fax: 1-302-282-3001

Now, I’m not sure exactly how stupid one would have to be to confuse this site, with that of the official Chase Bank site. I haven’t artfully photoshopped their logo, or done anything else to make anyone think this site is in anyway endorsed by Chase Bank. Quite the opposite, starting with the name, and extending through every ounce of content on this site, we make it abundantly clear that Chase Bank Sucks! That’s the whole point of this site. If Chase Bank wasn’t so morally corrupt, greedy and out of touch with their customers there would be no need for this site. But there is, and they don’t scare me so the site stays.

To think that with all the bailouts and troubles in the banking industry that this little site has pissed them off enough to send me a C&D brings me a sense of pride. You would think they had more important things to do, but it just goes to show the power of the internet to shine a light on all the dark practices of a company like shine a light on all the dark practices of a company like Chase Bank.


  • Used to work at the Westerville OH call center with some of the rudest people I ever met – Shandra Harvey, Betsy Ruble, Bonita Ponder, Jim Simpson. All of these individuals were quite keen on writing people up for the smallest issues, like telling a customer the TRUTH about why their credit card account was cancelled – they didn’t charge a certain dollar amount in a certain time period. Older folks, mostly. And they cancelled them in November so most could not use them for Christmas purchases and didn’t even bother to give them a warning before they did it. What a bunch of garbage these people were!

  • I set up an allotment to go into my JPMorgan Chase account in July of 2012.
    I forgot about it and decided to look for my money.
    I called my USPS accounting department and they gave me all of the information they had about the allotment.
    They gave me a number to call JPMorgan Chase. I called them and they said that is not a good account number.

    So after going back and forth between JPMorgan Chase and our accounting department I still have no idea where my JPMorgan allotment of approximately $2,500.00 went.

    Any ideas on what I should do now?

  • Chase is horrible horrible just horrible it disgustes me. The people that work in the call center in Springfield mo. Are digesting slobs and all they do is all day long and food days all time. If I could post pictures I would. The call center is digusting and the way I hear reps talkin and treating customers is horrible. There professional at all and chase promotes terrible bad habits and let there reps do and get away with any thang. Chase is just horrible bad. Drop them immediately.

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