From the Perspective of a Chase Employee – by Jayemmtool

“Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday”

When a team in the NFL loses, despite how poorly the athletes may have played, in the end…the coach is the one who lost the game. In the world of contracting, construction and unions, the General Foreman, at the end of the day, is responsible for every decision (right or wrong) his or her subordinates make. This seems to be the norm in every aspect of civilization, as we know it…

Except of course, retail banking.

Something struck me as very “odd” in routine meeting on a Tuesday morning at the Chase branch I have worked at for just about two years.

We had a terrible day, as sales go, the day prior. That was not the “odd” factor. Every single industry is having more and more terrible days. It is the only true consistency in this market.

The part of this meeting that truly struck a chord was the management teams inability to accept blame for these results. Instead, they took the option of belittling the entire staff (save a lucky one or two individuals). Now, before this took place, I didn’t blame any one person or any group of people, for that matter. I sincerely accepted that these times are tough and we are going to have to ride the wave until we hit dry land.

After feeling as though I had been attacked, I began to reassess the situation:

The first of two sales managers has little to no ambition. He truly has no attributes that a person responsible for driving an entire team to success, should have. He began to condescendingly rip into an entire team for failure to meet a goal that he should be helping us to attain.

The second sales manager barely speaks a language that the rest of the team speaks. She routinely destroys idiomatic expressions, which make her role in the system more laughable than respectable. Her sole responsibility is maintenance of the calendar. Did I mention she was out for the entire week prior and has no real bearing or knowledge of the situation?

The operations manager, who has no real place in a sales meeting proceeds to speak her piece. She angrily bashes the team and expresses her disappointment. Meanwhile, the tellers and service associates, who are directly under her umbrella in the chain of command, are never coached or disciplined in ways to properly “refer business” to us, the sales team. Are you seeing a trend here?

The three managers continue to berate employees individually throughout the day, bringing up incidents from that past that were never brought up before, simply to depress their anger from the issue at hand… the bonus!

All in all, in a time when no one is getting any extra compensation for what they do, a team of management at JPMorgan Chase Bank is taking it out on their team. When asked why, their response is simple… “It comes from above”.

I have one thing to express towards Chase Bank and their style of management:

“Thank you! Thank you for making me realize that if growing in a company such as this one means incessantly passing the buck and belittling those around (and specifically under) me, I DO NOT WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!”

Take responsibility for your own actions. We, as employees are responsible for our actions. You, as coaches and mentors, should accept your failures. Making people hate their jobs is not an effective means to the end. You will end up with poor production more often than not.

If you are reading this, I look forward to your apology. So does the rest of the team.

I hope this helps the people who think the bankers are the evil ones. We are slaves to a system. You take 100 bankers and place them in a room for an hour… after 5 minutes of introductions, there would be 55 minutes of Chase Bank bashing. It is not us. It is the greedy, manipulative management. I apologize on their behalf.


  • Jayemmtool, don’t apologize for Chase Bank. But, I do applaud your decency to do so. You are simply, doing a job, and taking orders from someone else. Apparently, the manipulative managemnt doesn’t get, that integrity, is more important than inteGREEDY.

    Being a business owner myself, I understand the bottom line. But, I would NEVER compromise my integrity, as a person or, as a business by doing anything I thought to be unfair or, unethical. Chase Bank does not seem to be cut out of the same cloth. They have no shame or, conscience. Their deceptive ways will have to come to an end. One way or, another. A day we can ALL look forward to.

  • I don’t know what Chase hopes to accomplish by hiring those kinds of Managers, other than lose market share. Do they have a top 100 Worst Places to Work? Chase would top the list, that’s for sure.

  • Chase managers routinely fall into the the “whip and chair” mentality. The district managers beat up the managers about production and the managers browbeat the employees, there is a constant threat on the job. The manager will tell you all of you will be fired before I allow them to fire me. Translation: the manager will find any nefarious reason to fire any employee attendence, paperwork, over and shorts. This puts managers in the position of constantly documenting “stuff” on employees. The employees feel constantly threatened and the end result is huge turnover. There is no help from management about the means and methods no training beyond the browbeat.
    That would be why customers feel jumped on because Chase wants its numbers, code of conduct violations are ignored for high producers and used to get the others

  • Chase is quickly destroying what remains of the once-proud Washington Mutual bank. If you go inside a Chase branch, prepare to hear lots of angry shouting from customers closing their formerly free checking accounts. Or customers now forced to pay $5 for a money order or $8 for a cashiers check.

    You’ll hear loud complaints from others being told that all of their checks will be held for at least a day, no exceptions, (Washington Mutual gave immediate credit on nearly all check deposits).

    Even the many illegal alien customers are fed up with Chase: in Spanish, they yell at the hapless former WaMu employees to express their anger at the $34 overdraft fees. And the $15 extended overdraft fee for every 5 days that your account remains overdrawn. More cries of disgust come from non-customers forced to pay $6 to cash a check drawn on Chase.

    Please, if you must express your anger, remember that each and every former Washington Mutual employee silently agrees with you. They HATE Chase as much as you do. They despise the stupid, unfriendly policies imposed by an evil New York corporate boss. They would leave if the job market were better, but since it is not, they must stay and carry out the orders of their Nazi-like CEO.

  • Finally a Chase employee that tells it like it is !! Chase is nothing more than a corp greed monster!

  • Fortunately, I only lasted for six months. I worked in Phoenix, AZ. inside Frys grocery store. From what I have read above I too have gone through the same issues. I have NEVER in my life worked for an employer that made me feel demotivated and useless from a meeting. I feel like I was beat down afterward. Nothing that you do it good enough. They want more and more and more. The micro-managing is abrasive. You could not just do your job without your boss standing beside you up your ass. My boss was a true idiot. In fact he had issues. Issues like he was probably picked on as a kid. Favortism amongst the lucky ones who made more sales like coming back late from lunch, late for work, etc.Dont get me wrong I made sales, but it just wasnt enough.

  • I too was a customer of WaMu who was turned over to Chase by the buyout and years before when Chase took over BankOne in Ohio. Man, I wish now I had gone “bank-shopping” before I went ahead and let everything roll over. The fees they hit you with are criminal at best, employees appear to be nervous and looking over their shoulders ALL the damn time and, well, when a customer service person is grumbling at me, I think customer service went out the window. I make deposits that are partially held (WaMu nor BankOne never did that to me), they bounce checks and/or debits AND THEN put in the deposit (WaMu nor BankOne NEVER did that either…deposits were always posted first). At $34.00 a hit and raping my savings account to boot to “cover” the OD that the deposit would have, I’m constantly chasing my tail. I used to have a “cushion” with my WaMu account so that OD’s didn’t happen. Chase acts like they look at what’s coming through, then look at the deposit, make sure the checks/debits are MORE than the deposit, then OD me. I am SICK TO DEATH OF IT. I am looking for another bank, but I will take my time, do my reseach and make sure that I can live with ALL of that banks idiosyncracies before I switch again. Or, go back to putting my money in my safe or mattress…probably safer there anyway. *sigh*

  • Hey, if we were a good bank we’d still be in business. There’s a reason Chase still exists, Wamu was destroyed by its idiotic customers.

  • That doesn’t make sense – good companies get bought up all the time.

  • The reason WAMU was taken over is the same reason Downey Savings was taken over by US Bank and Wachovia was taken over by Wells Fargo. They failed the FDIC solvency tests. They had too much liability and not enough assets. It was the FDIC’s decision to determine which banking entity would take over. It could just as easily been Wells Fargo gets WAMU and Chase gets Wachovia.

  • The problem with your statement of course, is the fact that all of the big banks would have failed without the government bailout, so arguing about which one was better is pointless.

  • Well, you had a bad experience but the rest of us believe in Jamie and JP Morgan Chase. I have had three customers in the last two days say that they came in because they heard how great Chase is…

  • Hundreds of new visitors come to this site every single day – and I can assure you it’s not because they are happy with Chase Bank.

  • I’m not happy with the service here. I will just take my business elsewhere. I wish WAMU was still here because Chase has screwed all the customers over. I will be leaving this place soon and going to a Credit Union.

  • Thanks for all your advice…i don’t blame you for that. It is the whole organization. I am employee of Bank Of America, i was about to leave the company for Chase , but i guess i won’t after hear all the truth from you guys. Perhaps you all should think about Bank Of America Corp to work for.

  • CHASE SUCKS. I had to close my account becasue of all the FEES, for NON USE of the account. HOW frickin stupid is that.
    I had e-statements and now the IRS is requiring copies of the statement and Chase wont give it to me. They are a bucnh of theiving bastards!!!

  • Oh yeah, we all come here because we love Chase and gather around singing Kumbaya. We come here because Chase bank sucks! I balance my account to the penny each month and I am very careful. But paying $5 for a money order? Go anywhere else and pay just a few pennies for one. RIP OFF!! $25 for an ultimate reward membership and now I am getting told, sorry, we can’t give you the money back and due to new banking laws we can’t give you rewards anymore. Hurry up and process my last check so I can close this account. Thank God for credit unions!

  • My wife and I put in for a loan modification thorough Chase and it was the worst thing we ever done in our lives, so please take heed. Our home was not up-side down, we never been late on payments, and had excellent credit. We simply had no money left month to month. We were house poor, but were not delinquent on anything. From the time we asked for relief, Chase began treating us like they were a collection agency. They got all our information of hardship, and then proceeded to damage our credit so no one else would do business with us. They originally appraised our home at $400,000, how they list the value on their web site at $220,000. They put us in an escrow and said they paid our insurance and tax, but they didn’t. Thank God we followed up and paid it ourselves. A lot of people got messed up with that one and wound up with insurance lapses. They also cut our line of credit, back-dating it hoping some checks would bounce by the time we got the letter in the mail. Beware! Chase will drag you around with no intention of helping you. Please do not put in for a modification. If you have no other recourse, unfortunately the best thing to do is sell it or walk from it. Dealing with Chase for help, you will definitely be worse off. If you are current with bills and have good credit, but you’re simply house poor, It will be the worst thing you possible could do.

  • “another said”……Please don’t include me (or anyone else with any morals and ethics) in your “the rest of us statement” This site isn’t a “Lovefest” for Chase bank. And, the only thing I “believe in” is the fact that Chase Bank sucks!!
    I guess you work for them on a higher capacity than being a teller. Those 3 customers who “came in because they heard how great Chase is” are clueless. They will soon join the unfortunate “screwed by Chase” group. It’s only a matter of time. I would venture to guess that they probably don’t speak or, understand, any English.
    And, don’t think for a split second, that if you don’t produce, that Chase won’t fire your ass. They would do it the day before Christmas, with no remorse. In fact, they have done that to people. So, keep drinking their bullshit….Someday, when you wake up, it might make you puke reality.

  • all the comments, workplaces in this time are almost all the same, as for fees they are all over, all the banks charge them to stay in Business. All the comments one wishes there was a way to justget an overview to get a correct opinion of this outfit. Now the Bank pulling the things with the House should be investigated by the Government that sounds illegal and should be punished to prevent it from going further, I feel for that Family. Im looking for a good college set up for a grandchild she is going off next week any input???

  • I always recommend people look to credit unions as an alternative.

  • I left Chase sometime ago and not at all sorry. They are without a doubt the most Chicken s*.*
    They treat customers badly and employees worse. I spoke with an old colleague today and turnover at my old branch is approaching 300%
    thats for a branch that had 8-9 employees
    4 bankers within a year, 2 assistant branch managers, and 17 tellers thats in one year

    Let’s not forget that good ole Chase foreclosed on military families deployed overseas even though its against federal law!

    They are now manipulating silver prices to keep from losing billions

    They were involved in price-fixing of the municipal bond market

    They invented the derivatives market, you know the method that was employed to deliver us into the worse recession in 60 years and nearly collapse the housing and banking industries.

    And now they are taking the savings of the american people and investing it in China to help them build their economy and Chase’s power

    would love to see Jamie on sixty minutes trying to defend his all american company

    PS: you will be hard pressed to find anybody in the retail branch system happy with Chase

  • People have been fired from this company for following rules the higher ups made. They gave out their brilliant ideas and told the subordinates to obey it or face insubordination. Subordinates followed like slaves. Their brilliant plan failed and now they are terminating their employees without severance pay. I have more info if you want, you know where to reach me. Slave drivers who treat people as expendables and how they really think of their customers.

  • I showed this to my fellow chase coworkers and they all felt the same way. Word for word. For the rare individuals who had a “great experience” stop drinking the koolaid. Thanks for speaking for us

  • I wrote this article when I was still at Chase. I stumbled upon it while sifting through some old crap.

    I just wanted to see what the buzz was and I am happy to say I no longer work for them.

    I would like to explain how I left though:

    I was called into an office and was written up for calling out sick 2 months prior to the write up. When I asked why they didn’t write me up in December when I actually did “commit the offense”, they created a second write up for “insubordination”.

    The district manager then came to see me later that day. She informed me that I wasn’t strong enough to change an entire company and that I should just quit before they fired me and ruined my chance of getting a job at any other financial institution. (Being a licensed banker, a termination of employment travels with your license.) She then explained that she would “can my ass” on the spot if it weren’t for particular guidelines they had to follow.

    I refused to quit out of spite and they transferred me to another branch.

    I was in this new branch for less than 5 hours and I had been called in to two separate meetings where one manager or both managers informed me “I have no problem firing you. I’ll do it.”

    I asked how many times I was going to be taken away from my desk and clients a day to be threatened and I was written up a 3rd time. Apparently, questioning the witch hunt is forbidden if you happen to be the potential witch hahaha

    I went outside for a cigarette. I never came back.

    They denied me claims for unemployment, claiming that I had quit. After explaining what a terrible company they are, coupled with the events I explained above, I was granted my unemployment benefits. I know the check didn’t hurt JPMC but it didn’t help either.

    I am just glad to be as far away from this as I currently am.

    Best of luck to all the customers and employees of JPMC that find this site. I suggest you post your experiences as well. =)

  • Awesome news, and thanks for checking back. I remember your was one of the first stories posted on this site. Hard to believe it’s been almost 4 years – good luck with everything.

  • Its all true!! I am a manager sweat shop, I mean call center. My banker’s take anywhere from 100-150 call’s per day — back to back. It’s a toxic working environment. So bad. I feel sorry for my employees. DM’s don’t do shit and only hire their own for promotions. Some make DM’s are known to have had multiple affairs with banker’s. It’s sad, I know of sexual harassment by these men. Its sad to watch people go through this simply out of fear.

  • Chase is the worst employer on the planet. I am so glad I am no longer there. It’s a sweat shop that has no regard for employees and anyone who has the ill luck of working there should get out as soon as they can. The District managers and managers are incompetent irresponsible scumbags. My “manager” was a lying piece of trash who fabricated a pack of lies against me to HR to get me fired. Meanwhile he violated so many policies and the code of conduct so many times and deserved to be fired and no disciplinary action was ever taken against him. Clueless deer in the headlights “manager” who has no business managing anybody. What he doesn’t know is that what goes around comes around and he will be fired very soon. Ignorant moronic train wreck .

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