Why Chase Bank Sucks….

Let me count the ways! Actually, this site has been put together to publicly document all of the bad experiences so many people have had dealing with Chase Bank. The common theme seems to be customer service. Nobody seems to care that they only pay a half a percent on your money while they loan it to others at 12% – after all, that’s what banks do. But the problem is they won’t even play nice while they’re ripping people off. They just don’t care about the customer.

The site has been modeled after paypalsucks.com which has done so much to make people aware of the prevailing problems with paypal, and has helped lead to the creation of such competitors as moneybookers.com, as well as many changes within paypal itself. Although it takes years to take away marketshare from these behemoths, sometimes if enough people make their concerns known, they can get some relief, and bring about actual change.

So why me? Why have I bothered to set this site up? Well, I feel that someone needs to speak up and take action for the rest of the people that can’t be bothered. The people who don’t have the means to do anything other than lie down and take it. With me, they pissed off the wrong customer one too many times, and now I am going to give back some of what I took for years.

About 6 months ago, my wife and I had 4 Chase credit cards (personal and business), 5 bank accounts (personal and business), and an outstanding personal loan of about $10,000 that I had just taken out. We also both have FICO scores in the mid 700’s, and have never missed, or been late on a payment. Ever. On top of that, she has worked for Chase Bank for 7 years. So you would think they would treat us with at least a modicum of respect.

That is where the story begins. My wife pays all of our bills online – in fact, she does them on the internal Chase Bank system at work during her lunch. Apparently, she fat-fingered one of the keys and hit a 4 instead of a 5. No big deal, right? Well to our surprise, we had a shock when we opened the following months bill and found out our APR had gone from about 10% to almost 30%! She was alarmed, but I figured all I had to do was call Chase and they would straighten it out.

I navigated my way through their horrendous phone system which asks the same questions twice, only to give way to an associate who still doesn’t know your account number even though you have typed it in repeatedly. Once I finally got a human, I explained the problem, and was promptly told there was nothing that could be done. Obviously, I knew that was not the case. I explained all of the business we do with Chase Bank, that my wife works for Chase Bank, etc, etc., and on and on to no avail. Finally, I asked for a supervisor.

In steps Carl R., from the Orlando office. Finally, a man that can make the situation right. A supervisor! What took place over the next 15 minutes was one of the most infuriating examples of disrespect I have ever known. I actually had to ask on several occasions if he was really a supervisor, because as a supervisor of employees myself, I could never treat anyone in such a way. And if I did, I would be fired. He told me he saw the error in the system, where she tried to pay the bill online, and even saw where an error code was not given, so my wife would have had no way of knowing the payment didn’t take. Yet he still refused to do anything. Finally, I threatened to close out all of my accounts with Chase Bank, and he told me to go right ahead!

Well, us leaving Chase won’t quite bring them to bankruptcy to say the least, but with the amount of business they have gotten from us over the years, I expected a little more. I suspect they didn’t take me seriously – after all, we had significant credit card debt after buying our house, along with the $10k loan I had just taken out. Well, I decided that if anyone was going to make money off of our debt, it wasn’t going to be Chase any longer. It took a few months, but I finally paid off the 60 month loan (in 4 months). The loan disclosure statement that I signed when I took out the loan said that I would pay a total of $3236.80 in interest alone over the course of the loan. But they don’t know how to treat their customers, so I paid it off in 4 months, and so they only made about $250 (and that is with the $50 early prepayment penalty). I LOVE IT! They lost $3,000 just for pissing me off. But that wasn’t enough. I paid off (or transferred the balance to non-Chase cards) of over $15,000 in credit card debt! Oh yeah – we would have been a nice little cash cow for Chase for a looooooong time to come. I kept the Chase credit cards active for credit score reasons, but no balances….. I still have a little too much credit card debt, but at least not a dime of it is going to Chase. I’d rather MBNA, Citibank etc., make the money off of us now. I have a few small bank accounts at Chase, and my wife still works there, but we keep our real money with Comerica now.

So now the publicly documented part begins. Now I am going to write them and ask them to right this wrong. I suppose they didn’t believe I could or would take that much money from them. Or maybe they really don’t care. After all what’s a few grand to a multi-billion dollar company? Not much, but if everybody that is treated unfairly uses the power that they have – the power of where they spend their money, maybe some change can happen. If you went to a store and the store owner treated you like a peasant, would you go back? Would you spend your money with him? Of course not. Well everytime you see a finance charge, realize that is the credit card company being paid by you. If you don’t like them, pay someone else to carry your debt. Transfer the balance to a different bank. Use what little power you have. They will eventually be forced to notice you.

Maybe now they’ll take me seriously, but we’ll see. Everybody will see. Good or bad, their responses are going up on this site for the world to see. Afterwards, I will open this site up to anyone and everyone that has issues they would like to raise publicly about the deceptive practices of Chase Manhattan bank.


  • Couldn’t agree with you more!
    Please visit my site and join in on the forums:
    Chase Card Sucks!

  • WOW! I thought I was all alone in the universe… Here’s a letter I sent to some obscure customer service cubbyhole in East Asia..


    My associate recently requested overdraft protection for our business, to address slow receipt of payables from our clients. She was encouraged by a branch associate ( who was very nice and very professional) to apply for a corporate credit card to cover overdrafts on our corporate checking account.

    Yesterday, I was surprised to receive a letter from Chase stating that not only did we not qualify, but that this request would negatively affect our credit score.

    I called the 800 number listed on the letter to inquire, and was routed to a Chase representative. He could not help me, he stated, because I did not have a credit card account number. I informed this representative that I was calling to inquire about the letter, He then asked me for my account number. This went on for about 5 minutes, and I finally asked to be transfered to a corporate banking representative. This person could not route my call, refer me to another department, provide another number to call, or put his supervisor on the phone. I asked him if I was calling JP Morgan Chase, the bank, and he verified that this was indeed JP Morgan Chase, the bank.

    I called corporate banking customer service, stated my complete disappointment, and questioned why we were rejected. The representative (who was very nice and very professional) informed me that this was a standard credit review process. Why did the Branch representative not check this information in the branch? Wouldn’t a simple pre-screening be at least a basic determination that we might be rejected and receive a negative credit score? The rep had stated that this could have been done.

    I then questioned if the 14 years my company has been banking with Chase had any bearing in the decision making process. I also asked if our personal accounts mortgages, H.E. lines, savings and other chase products over the last 20 years had any bearing in not only the result, but the consideration of our relationship in the form letter we received? We ended the conversation (with the representative, who was very nice and very professional) saying she would make a note of our conversation. I thanked her and told her I would be completely floored to receive any follow up communication, let alone an apology or attempt to reconcile our complete disappointment.

    While the story above is simply wrong, and shows a complete lack of professionalism or even basic appreciation for 20 years of combined business, it has a comical ending: Today I received a solicitation for a corporate credit card from Chase.

    We have decided to respond to the bank’s complete disrespect to our business by removing all of our assets currently at Chase. Corporate Checking, Personal Savings, Personal Checking, Credit Cards, etc.

    I still don’t expect any reply to this e-mail beyond a generic, risk-management-approved response. However as a marketing director for a financial institution, I can tell you that your efforts at Customer Relations Management, marketing targeted offers to customers, and general unresponsive and unappreciative approach to customer needs is appalling. Really it is absolutely bizarre.

    Thanks again for the complete waste of my time, damage to my credit score, and lack of accountability.

    Yours (with all sincerely)

  • My husband and I bought our house having Mellon Mortgage Company as our mortgagae company, 10 years ago and after a short while they sold it to Chase Mortgage Company.
    We kept getting little refunds throughout the year,saying we had too much in escrow. Our statements saying the insurance was paid and taxes too.
    We have NEVER been LATE on paying our mortage with the PITI,(principle,interests, taxes, and insurances), included in one payment.
    After a few months we got a letter from them stating that we had NO HOUSE INSURANCE listed with them. THEY were supposed to be the ONES PAYING it. We contacted the insurance company we had chosen when we closed on the house and found out they had CANCELED us for NON payment!!! No Letters from ANYONE on this BEFORE!!! We had such trouble finding someone to insure our house as it had been without insurance for a long time! When we finally did find someone to insure us it went from less than $800 dollars a year to over $2500!
    We then decided to refinance our house and looking for a NEW mortgage company Chase reported us being LATEon our payment! After we stopped looking they reneggged on it and took off the late payment on our credit report!
    Our son graduated from high school and wanted to go to a private school,being our 3rd child, we applied for a home equity loan from a different bank and they called us to tell us the TAXES WERE IN ARREARS, and they couldn’t do the loan until they were paid! We went down to the local county courthouse and found out they were never paid, and in less than a month our house was going on the auction block! We paid them immediately! Then waited for Chase to pay us back a few months later just like the insurance deal!
    After Katrina our insurance has jumped from under $3,000 a year to over $6,000. It is very hard to get insurance down here, even harder since we live in the country and have only a local volunteer fire dept., although we are WAY above sea level and it has NEVER flooded here. It is NOT swampy by any means!
    Our insurance is due March 31st each year.AFTER ALL THIS, We always CALL our insurance company several times to see that it is paid and the tax office too. This year we called and left messages with them and our local agency too. We didn’t receive any calls back, but we did receive a copy of the Wind & Hail policy, but not the Hazard Insurance policy. We thought they were just slow at mailing it,as usual,since one had been paid. Then 1 1/2 month later past the due date, we get a letter from Chase stating for the SECOND time we have no HAZARD INSURANCE on there records, although we have had the same company now for years,and they demand we show them proof, and if not within a short time they will issue a policy at a VERY PREMIUM price! I then called the local agency and they said since it was on there site it looked like it had been paid. I asked them to check on it for sure and call me back. Also to call Chase IF it WAS paid to verify it to them. A short while later we found out it wasn’t paid. The insurance company would only issue a HAZARD policy effective from that date, 2 months later! CHASE DEMANDED us to pay them over $1300 for the 2 months, for the time it wasn’t in effect, even though the time was already past! So our insurance and taxes this year are over $8,000, which is MORE THAN OUR HOUSE PAYMENT! Our taxes being only $850!
    Chase is saying they called the insurance company and the agency and left messages, to call them back before the due date as they received no bill! They claim to never receive back a reply from either so they take no responcibility in this! When I asked them if they had the right number they told me 604 area code while it is 601 where it is, then said that is what they dialed! I asked her to please call again, they said there was no answer but when I called someonne answered. It seems they just wanted the extra free $1300+ dollars!
    My husband and I are currently fixing up our house to put on the market as we can no longer afford it with these costs. Hopefully in this market we can sell it. We won’t sell it to anyone who wants Chase as their mortgage company, as we WON’T do an assumption!

  • I just closed my chase CC account. I’m abroad and it’s very inconvenient to make the payment. I’ve been loyal customer for 5 years and they would not remove one late fee. Their customer service representatives are rude as well. They would not stop talking when customer need to say something and also they are repeating the lines as if they are reading things off their screen. I paid off and I close the account. You know, people who are reading this article please abandon Chase and use other bank or CC service.

  • OMGosh. Chase is doing the same to me. Closing my acct. for no reason. never missed a payment on my Chase credit card, never been late, good credit on my credit reports! came out of the blue and customer service says: “so sorry, that is the way it is”. I tell them “since I am no longer a customer, I would like you to explain the reasoning behind your actions, so I can post in on the blogs, I am going to the internet w/ this process you have bestowed on me”. They did not care! I told them I am going to facebook too…and I also told them I did not want to be recorded and they told me I had no choice. I am going to lodge a compliant against my privacy. I think they are not allowed to record me without my permission.
    Chase sucks and I am just starting my campaign about this! signed, Nevermind4477

  • I am no leaving Chase for St Helens Community credit union in Columbia county oregon.
    WAMU used to let you pick up your checks at the branch , they wouldnt mail them.
    well I live on a highway and the first set was sent back because chase didnt put my house number on the address. So I ordered a new set, they wont mail you them at all. Now the second set is late and I asked them to cancel. nope they want to charge me for it, like 25.00 and they were bitchy about it.I told them WAMU used to let me pick them up. They were downright cold. I am outta there

  • We are going through a loan modification.They have lost our documents at least 2 times. I keep resending them. They always need more. When I found this website I cried. I AM NOT ALONE!!!!!

  • We have been told our home is not in forclosure, next day we are told that we have a sale date. We have had at least 5 or more “relationship managers”. Who by the way do not know anything. From reviewing what other people are saying we are going to lose our home. I have never been so distraught in my whole life. They came to us about a refi. Next thing we know we are being forclosed on.
    We do not have any idea as to what to do or where to go.I keep getting a phone number to call it supposedly can go to New York or Arizona. The paper work goes to Colorado. I did not know a phone number can go to different states. Their employees are completely imcompetent!! They are a bunch of crooks and all they want to do is destroy families and take their dreams !!!

  • Chase is crooked and all they want to do is destroy families and their dreams of home ownership. THEY approached us about REFINANCING our home. Next thing we know we are being forclosed on. They started refusing our payments so they could REFI!! We have had at least 5 or more RELATIONSHIP MANAGERS.I have been told that we are not under forclosure. Then told we have a sale date. They keep losing the documents that I keep sending. NOBODY can seem to help. I have finally came to the realization that we are going to lose our home. WE do not have the money to fight a company that is a substantial as they are. We are turning over all this to our Lord and Savior only He can control this situation. I pray for everyone that is in this situation with Chase.

  • I’ve been with WaMu and now chase for over ten years. Talk about hitting someone while they’re down. How much they nickel and dime is ridicoulus and adds up. Seriously its like the equivilent to having someone hold $10 for me and then charging me a dollar a month to do it.

  • Chase really does suck- that’s what I googled to find your website. It’s amazing that this bank got a bailout and yet won’t work with people to help them lower their costs. I called them yesterday to ask about lowering my interest rate on purchases, and they said that I am due for an automatic review and maybe my rate will go down, or just stay the same. I put in a request for a lower rate, and he put it in the notes. We’ll see. Why stay with a bank that you cannot trust? Credit Union, baby!

  • I had purchased property back in ’99 with a 5/1 ARM through WAMU. Opened a checking account with them also shortly after and couldn’t sing their praises loud enough. I went with them knowing that they wouldn’t sell my mortgage to another institution. I had pulled my funds from the credit union to WAMU because it was truely free and the credit union had small charges for the same service at that time. Every interaction with them was very pleasant for the better part of a decade. I remember hearing the news of Chase taking them like I remember 9/11. I knew that I now had a target on my finaces and needed to be extra careful with everything. At first everything was the same except that customer service had disappeared. Then things started to go away ie. free checks, debit card rewards, being able to talk to a person with a clue about finance, but what made my skin crawl was the feeling that I was bothering them every time I had to do some banking. When they became obvious about fleecing their customers, after almost two years of hit after hit, I stopped depositing into that account and opened one back at SHCFCU, finding the things I lost from WAMU. Unfortunately I can’t move my mortgage, or haven’t tried, as I can’t provide relyable income but have remained current on all debts and have a 719 credit score. I make almost all of my transactions online so when I wanted to make the house payment for January of this year, I needed to pull from an external account for the first time. Chase needed to approve that account before I could use it and they coneviently delayed that until a late fee could be charged. The first late payment in eleven years and it wasn’t my fault. I payed the extra charge in Feb. and received, via FedEx a loan mod packet from them that I did not request. I want to keep the mortgage I signed up for, not what they want me to buy from them. It would change my payment 14 cents per month and increase the length of loan buy two years making them about $5000 extra so I turned them down and received another one in April with the exactly the same terms that were suppose to have expired. That offer would expire in May and I let it. Three days after I make the June payment, I get a call from them trying to get me to make the payment over the phone, for a $25 sevice charge that I had to ask about. While they were on the phone, I tryed to bring up the transaction number for her because she had no record of that payment and I found nothing on my account page. I thought maybe I made a mistake submitting payment and rescheduled payment, including another late fee as the grace period had just past. The next day I get the same call again but this time I see the first transaction was pending, but again they have no record of it. I spent the next four hours on the phone with Chase to stop the second payment but kept getting handed to someone else until I got someone in their online department who was the only one that could find any transactions. He told me the first one had cleared and the second was postponed indefinately without reason but still in process and he couldn’t do anything about it. He suggested I put a stop payment on it from the account it was being drawn from. I go to the credit union and agree to pay $15 for a stop payment to Chase and they tell me the funds from the first trans had left earlier that day and they couldn’t stop it. I had to explain that they will try to send another one for $30 more and that’s what I want stopped. Sure enough, three days later I get notice from Chase that funds were refused. When I made the July payment I wrote down the trans number. That was on the 9th, I get the phone call on the 12th and again went through interrogation about how I make my money and pay my bills, and again the transaction had disappeared like it never happened. Was told that because I had a confirmation number that she would flag my account to stop the calls. On the 16th the calls start again trying to get me to pay over the phone. Still they have no record of payment. Aonther call on the 17th and on the 18th they tryed to send another loan mod packet. By then I see the payment has a competed status on it, while I was getting drilled on the phone from them about it. When I logon to make the August payment, my checking account title had changed to Debit Card Rewards which when clicked told me how many points I had and I could cash out $20, but needed to call the 800 number on the card to get a check mailed to me. When I called I found out that they had closed my account because it was inactive for more than sixty days but she would open a new accound for me and transfer the $20 into it. When I requested a check mailed because I didn’t want to open an account with them, she said no problem but she needed to get her supervisior to do it. The supervisior told me that they wouldn’t send money unless I open an account. That I could only get a gift card worth $20 but not cash, even though it’s a cash reward. I guess all the time it took to build up those points was a waste of time. I will not sign any documents with Chase or any of it’s affiliates and am keeping records of all dealings with them. So far, it feels that they are trying to cover up something illegal. Makes me wonder if I should keep making my house payments to them, or if they have any claim they could use against me if I stopped. According to my records I’ve still got 214 more payments but their own records tell me that I’ve already made 790 of 360 payments. Wondering if I should test their own incompetence but will continue to cover my own butt and let them hang themselves with it. As soon as I can move this mortgage, I will. Kill Chase and everything associated to them! If we really cared about homeland security, we would pull shock and awe on them, like they are doing to all of us. At least their commercials are accurate telling us to “chase what matters”; good advise. You know they are. Lose the target.

  • I also am having issues with Chase Bank. I got my mortgage loan through another bank who then sold it to chase. Recently, I had gotten behind on my payments. I tried to get the payments lowered or extend my loan, but Chase refused. They said my only options were to let my house go into foreclosure status so that I might qualify for remodification loan or do a repayment plan. I chose the latter since my payments were only behind 3 months and I knew I could catch it up. A few days ago I called Chase to find out what I needed to pay to make it current since the repayment was nearly double the original payment I couldn’t afford. I didn’t make the payment for this month because my husband’s retirement check was in the mail for me to use and catch everything up. They informed me my house was going to be foreclosed on at the end of the week. This was the first time I heard about it. I told them I had the money to catch it up and wanted to keep my house. They said I had broken my repayment agreement and didn’t know if they would let me pay to current. I flipped out!! I told them I could not believe that they wanted to foreclose when I’m only 3 months behind and wouldn’t let me pay to make it current so I could keep my house!! Finally they agreed to let me set up the payment as long as it was automatically taken out of my account. Then they continued to call and harrass me at work over the pastdue account even though I had already made arrangements to pay it back. Needless to say, I will never let my payment get behind again. I am refinancing at my credit union as soon as possible and Chase Bank can stick it where the sun don’t shine!! They are almost impossible to work with if you get behind on your mortgage. Most banks want to keep you in your house, but Chase wants to get you out as quickly as possible so they can sell your house to someone else. My sister got behind on her mortgage by 18 months!! and Fannie Mae worked with her to keep her house. Chase was ready to put me out after 3 months!! I will never recommend them to anyone.

  • Thank you for creating this site. We are wanting to switch banks as we are military and USAA is impossible to bank with in person. We were thinking of going with chase. But upon my research into the bank and finally with this site I have realized its not a good bank! Thank you again from saving me and my family the future stress and bs of this corporate bigwig and possible financial catastrophe. So with that, any tips or recommendations for banks that are worth it?

  • They mailed my two boxes of checks to two different unknown places and won’t hold responsible for their mistakes. Not only they put their customers at the highest possible risks for fraudulent actitivities, they never admit that it’s their fault. To this date, I still haven’t got my checkbooks. They are very adamant about not holding responsible for the bad checks being written by people who steal the checks and write bad checks. They said I will pay for those bills.

  • Blah, blah blah. Show me a bank that doesn’t make money from its customers? It is a business! How many of you that own a business would give everything away for free? Why should Chase pay for your wife’s mistake? I am so tired of people complaining about banks charging fees or increasing credit rates when the customer makes a mistake.

    Where are the stories of how Chase has paid off a military soldiers home for his wife after he was killed in action? Where are the stories of the thousands and thousands of dollars of insufficient fees Chase bank employees have waived each year to help customers who are down on their luck, even though it was the customers fault for not keeping track of their balances? They don’t appear in these forums, because people are ashamed they screwed up themselves and it doesn’t get the reaction you want. I doubt my rant will appear here for the same reason. How do I know of these stories? Like your wife, I was a Chase employee, in fact, I was a Washington Mutal employee. I had to listen to all the people crying over no more free accounts, boo hoo. That is why Chase bought WAMU, because WAMU couldn’t survive giving everything away for free, again, it’s in business to make money. When Chase bought WAMU, it also took over all their home loans that WAMU should never have given out, because there was no way people could repay those. Chase has worked to do loan modifications for people to keep their homes.

    Get a life and leave the banking to the experts…Chase is in the top 3 banks and continuing to grow as opposed to some of the other banks.

  • Making money is one of the many things banks do- However, I simply can’t wrap my head around the fact that Chase, who I’ve banked with for many years, couldn’t or simply refused to fix a mistake they had made with my checking account- Each Chase representative I spoke to on the phone or wrote to via their online message service at their website passed the responsibility of fixing this mistake off to the next representative, and believe it or not, to me- The issue was never resolved after days of communications- The only way I can fix the mistake is to close my Chase checking and open another with another bank in order to conduct business-
    Oh well, right?

  • ps – yes, they suck … lol

  • to Rv – the Chase asskisser – why don ‘t you run for president ?

  • I try to use my check card tonight and yes there was money in my account… But it kept declining… I call the bank and the tell me my card was compromised December 31st!!! And they closed my card on Feb 6th… 1st off I never told y’all it was compromised… And it’s February 13… If that was true that this happen in December why are you just now closing my card 7 days ago!? And I never received a replacement!? AND WHO REPORTED IT COMPROMISED CAUSE IT WASN’T ME!!!!!! Mind you since the day it was ” compromised ” I have used my card… WTH !?!?!

  • That may have been the result of the recent Target hack, millions of cards were affected.

  • I stopped banking with mega-banks long ago. They are all as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Give your business to a local credit union or find a good online bank or a local bank. It’s amazing how nice local banks can be, because they actually do want your business.

    So many people were upset about the government handing out trillions in TARP money to rescue all the mega-banks, yet the people did nothing. They kept giving all their money to the mega-banks which had just ripped off everyone and threw our society down the toilet.

    Is it really all that difficult to switch banks? Oh, you don’t have the time? Too busy watching sports, Netflix and FoxNews? I’m sorry, but you deserve what you get!

  • I’m not going to write a long complaint, because people won’t read it. The bottom line is that Chase doesn’t care about their customers. Their customer service is often arrogant and doesn’t even pretend to listen. Reps are trained to give you the “facts” whether those facts pertain to your individual needs or not. If your needs are not in their training manuals, they are impotent and rude about their impotence. Although customer service reps advise you that your conversation is being taped, I really don’t think that anyone ever reviews those tapes— or else that elusive “for training purposes” department would retrain or fire Chase’s current telephone support staff, especially the supervisors that believe their employee level entitles them to pontificate. Boo for Chase,. albeit a perfect model for Bad Business scenarios in MBA programs.

  • Thank you for taking the time to write this, and you’d be surprised how many people will see this :)

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